The Eleven Elders of the People (sometimes known as the Eleven Elders of Emberlene, the Eleven of the Mistryl, or simply the Eleven Elders) were the ruling council of the planet Emberlene and the leaders of the Mistryl Shadow Guard.

During the Clone Wars, the Eleven Elders led their planet into the Confederacy of Independent Systems, although their real aim seems to have been to carve out a small interstellar empire for themselves. In response, neighboring worlds hired a mercenary force to counterattack, and Emberlene was devastated.

In spite of this, the Eleven Elders retained their independence and their power on Emberlene. They successfully propagated a myth that blamed the devastation on the Galactic Empire, and maintained a semblance of order on their world, through the credits earned by the paramilitary operations of the Shadow Guard.

By 19 ABY, the Eleven Elders were unexpectedly invited to ally themselves with the Imperial Remnant, as part of the scheme by Moff Vilim Disra, Major Grodin Tierce and the con-man Flim to revitalize the New Order under the supposed leadership of a revived Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Mistryl representative Paloma D'asima met with the Imperial leaders, but the exposure of the plot led to the rapid ending of the alliance. Meanwhile, Jorj Car'das revealed to Shada D'ukal the true nature of the Eleven Elders' actions, perhaps heralding the start of a new beginning for the Mistryl.

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