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"The interest on his loans will drain you quicker than a Deluvian fatworm on a Hutt's backside."
―Matton Dasol[src]

Eli Gand was a male Human.


Gand was a corrupt merchant on Kashyyyk. During 3956 BBY he had an indentured servant known as Matton Dasol. Matton was working for Eli in order to pay off a debt that his crew had incurred while stopping on the Wookiee homeworld, presumably to obtain supplies. Telling Matton that the crew had left Kashyyyk without paying the debt and thus marooning him, Eli forced him to pay it off by citing 'standard trading rules'. In reality, the merchant had tricked his crewmates, letting them believe that there was salvage to be had in the arboreal world's Shadowlands; this proved to be a trap, as Eli ambushed and murdered them, possibly making off with their ship as well.

When Revan and his party arrived on Kashyyyk in their quest to find the Star Maps that would reveal the location of the Star Forge, they encountered Eli and Matton's small kiosk, where the two related the circumstances of Dasol's "employment" in a roundabout way that caused Mission Vao to remark that the situation "smelled worse then an overcrowded Ronto stable." As luck would have it, Revan, while traversing the Shadowlands, discovered a damaged droid known as D-A02 which had recorded the events of Eli's betrayal. Revan brought back its head with the recording to Matton. Eli realized that his ruse was uncovered and made a break for it. His body was later found on the Great Walkway where he was likely killed by Kashyyyk predators.

Behind the scenesEdit

At this point the player can either convince Matton to kill Eli for lying to him and take over his shop, or to simply let the ex-merchant flee, presumably to the Shadowlands. Either way, Matton will take over the operation and reward Revan with credits and a small discount. However, if you choose the first, Zaalbar will make a comment that obviously means he trusts you less.

In the Xbox version of the game, Eli is clean shaven and has darker hair; it is unclear whether this appearance or that of the PC version (featured above) is canonical.



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