Eliad was a planet of wealthy noble exiles in the Minos Cluster.[1]


The climate and terrain of Eliad was extremely wide-ranging, with almost any biome being able to be found there.[1] Though few people lived on the planet compared to a core world, those few who did were exceedingly wealthy, and palaces, villas, and replica castles could be found widely across the planet.[1] The planet had little in trade aside from mineral exports; the immensely rich nobles, with absolutely nothing productive to spend their money on, instead engaged in increasingly sophisticated and demented entertainments out of sheer boredom.[1] Though separated from mainstream nobility, generations of family tradition and the highest quality education available in the galaxy made these nobles as intelligent and sophisticated as they were rich.[1]


Prior to the Rebellion era, the Battle of Eliad was a significant engagement of the Minos Cluster Campaign during the Great Galactic War, with the planet being a noteworthy foothold strategically in the Minos Cluster as a whole.[3]

Later, when Emperor Palpatine overthrew the Old Republic and declared his Empire, he removed mass numbers of nobility from power.[1] Instead of killing these nobles and making martyrs out of them, however, he made a bargain with them; if they agreed to permanent exile, he would allow them to keep much of their wealth and assumed status.[1] While many chose to flee or chose death rather than to submit, a large number of noble families accepted the deal, and in a mass exodus they were relocated out of the Empire and into the obscurity of the Outer Rim.[1] In the end, three hundred thousand nobles were relocated to Eliad, along with their organic servants and massive numbers of droids, where they were left to slowly and imperceptibly rot away under the weight of their own worthlessness and irrelevance - exactly as the Emeperor intended for them all along.[1]

During the Galactic Civil War, Rebel agents assisting Princess Leia held many debate sessions to encourage these deposed nobles into assisting the Rebel Alliance. After many weeks the nobles agreed to assist the Alliance. With the much needed influx of wealth the Alliance was one more step closer to bringing peace and justice to the galaxy.[1]


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