"Eliior has no crime, as you will see. We have peace and prosperity here. Citizens have plenty of work and plenty of leisure time. Our gardens are renowned and our goods are the finest in the galaxy..."
"You are lucky to live on such a world."
"We are lucky to have a leader such as Roy Teda. He has created the great perfection around us."
"What is that?"
"You mean the Cloudflower Wall. Some of our citizens prefer to live outside the city. There is beautiful countryside outside Eliior. The wall allows them to have the illusion that they live in wilderness. It is planted with cloudflower vines on the opposite side. Another great step of progression by Great Leader Teda! Truly, he is remarkable.
―Romin security officer Becka introduces Jedi Masters Siri Tachi and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Romin's capital city of Eliior.[src]

Eliior was the capital city of Romin, a world governed by an oppressive dictatorship. The capital was surrounded by the Cloudflower Wall, manned by guard droids and security devices, including surveillance droids, effectively trapping the workers of Romin out of the main city. Above the city, high in the clouds, was the Teda Landing Platform, the area's only arrival station. The city centerpiece was, of course, the grand palace complex of the dictator himself, "Great Leader Teda."

Under the rule of that dictatorship, Eliior was populated by the wealthy. Worker hovels, by contrast, rose in concentric rings outside the city—from which they grew, with increasing distance out from the city, progressively worse. Passes were required of all workers coming to the city, and they were required to have a work reason in order to gain entrance. The wealthy, living in luxurious and spacious villas framed by lush gardens and sparkling fountains, rarely ventured outside the city walls, and those who did usually were escorted under heavy guard.

In 24 BBY, the Jedi Order dispatched a Jedi team to Eliior on a mission to track down and capture an escaped criminal of the Republic, mad scientist Jenna Zan Arbor.

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