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"We know now that the Chirq Council is governed by nine members who call themselves the Elite Council. Your next task is simple enough, though quite dangerous: Eliminate the Elite Council."
Captain Baize, to a spacer[src]

The Elite Council was the ruling body of the Chirq Council, a criminal organization active on Corellia during the Galactic Civil War.

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"Magnificently done! Reports are already coming in that say the Chirq Council is splintering. Without the discipline and motivation provided by the Elite Council, they are turning on one another and falling to pieces."
―Captain Baize, to a spacer[src]

After the Battle of Yavin, the Elite Council was made of nine members, namely Markus Gilder, Zuld Mar-Shayal, Braganti Hooge, Koran Lassk, Janos Zarbo, Mathazar Zayet, Rallyn Secura, Crale Forte and Atlan Dubreas. They were based in two bunkers, the First and the Second Elite Council Bunkers, located near the city of Doaba Guerfel.[1]

Circa 1 ABY,[2] the Corellian Security Force started an investigation against the Chirq Council following the increase of ryll traffic on Corellia.[3] Captain Vitala Baize successfully infiltrated a CorSec agent within the organization. Assuming the identity of the Chirq Council member Trins Evnar, the CorSec agent managed to infiltrate Jzoro Quanera's Chirq Council chapter in Doaba Guerfel. From Jzoro Quanera's database, the CorSec obtained the identity of the nine elite councilors and the locations of their secret headquarters.[4] The Corsec finally assaulted the First and Second Elite Council Bunkers and eliminated all the nine elite councilors. After the death of the elite councilors, the Chirq Council splintered.[1]

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