An elite dark trooper

Elite dark troopers were a variant of dark troopers used by the Galactic Empire. With a more exaggerated helmet and far more advanced programming than standard dark troopers, these advanced battle droids were meant to serve as "super soldiers". They carried blaster cannons, SE-14c pistols, fragmentation grenades, thermal detonators, and concussion grenades. They, like all dark troopers, proved to be very effective in battle. Unlike Phase I dark troopers, these soldiers saw many more battles and were more experienced. The early elite dark troopers were cyborg clones, but were changed to droids.

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The Dark Trooper Project
Primary models
Phase Zero dark trooper - Phase I dark trooper
Phase II dark trooper - Phase III dark trooper
Other models
Dark Novatrooper - Inquisitorium dark trooper
Exogen-class dark trooper - Glory-class dark trooper
Oppressor-7 class dark trooper - Oppressor-9 class dark trooper
Triumphant-class dark trooper - Urban Assault dark trooper
Victory-class dark trooper - Black Hole dark trooper
Purge trooper - Elite dark trooper
Rom Mohc - Arc Hammer
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