An Elixir of Infatuation was a Zeltron concoction designed to have rather dramatic effects on those who consumed it.

Colorless, odorless and flavorless, the Elixir maintained its potency when mixed with food or drink, making it difficult to detect. Upon downing the elixir (or anything it was mixed with), a being would become infatuated with the first creature he or she saw, regardless of species or gender. Though it could be resisted, it was even more potent when the source was of an acceptable species or gender for the drinker. The effects lasted between two to five hours, the affected regarding the source of the infatuation as a friend and confidante, even a possible love interest.

While not allowing for direct control, someone under the influence could be manipulated by their love interest. Even so, it would prove difficult to convince the subject to do something out of their normal nature, and blatantly suicidal orders would be automatically ignored. Furthermore, overly hostile or threatening words or actions on the part of the source of the infatuation could be enough to cause the target to break through the haze of emotions in his or her mind, quite possibly leaving an extremely irate being in its wake.


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