Elli Stark was a female Human, the daughter of Arris Rossum and a man other than her husband. Arris was married to Iaco Stark and Stark raised her as his daughter, with Elli not knowing the truth of her parentage. Iaclyn Stark was her half-brother.

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Elli Stark was the daughter of Arris Rossum and Iaco Stark, though he was not her biological father. Her mother was having an extramarital affair at the time of her conception.

Elli grew up in the shadow of her brother, Iaclyn Stark, who was their father's favorite. Nevertheless, they both got along very well during their childhood until they were forced to be separated in the later years. After her father was presumed to be killed in 5 BBY, Elli and her stepmother, Dah'lis, had a small portion of the inheritance while Iaclyn took the majority. He planned to have his sister marry a influential and wealthy suitor, which she refused to do.

Elli Stark in an evening gown at the Imperial Embassy.

In 3 BBY, she met a secret Imperial Agent named Jahan Cross at a ceremony at the Imperial embassy on Etti IV. Cross noticed she was being harassed by a man named Verpel so he introduced himself as her fiancé which caused the man to leave. Elli was appreciative for Cross's assistance and talked to him about her family and situation. When she saw her brother coming over, she excused herself and went back to her quarters at the Stark Compound. Cross later returned to the Compound with Dah'lis and was present when she was murdered. As he was being escorted away by Espos, he came across Elli in the hallway. He attempted to talk to Stark but was assaulted by the Espos. When he retaliated and disabled his escort, Stark suggested he head to the garage to get away. Cross stole a speeder and was forced to try to escape through the house. When Myrsk attempted to shoot him down, Stark stopped him, warning him of the cost of the damages if he was successful.[1]

After faking his death to evade the pursuing Espos, Cross returned to Stark's bedroom in the compound and told her he didn't kill her stepmother. She believed him and helped him find out information about the Iron Eclipse project. Unknown to them, Iaclyn's droid Majordomo was observing them and reported back to his master. Iaclyn ordered the droid to kill Cross but to not injure Elli. Cross was able to destroy the droid and arranged transport on the Millennium Falcon to the Eclipse space station so he could further investigate. Once they boarded the freighter, Elli expressed her doubts whether the ship was even spaceworthy. Solo assured her it was ok. Once they left Etti IV, Cross and Stark retired to one of the ships cabins so she could attend to his wounds from his encounter with Majordomo. Cross revealed his history to Elli, explaining his devotion to the Empire. They then shared a kiss. Upon reaching the space station, Stark attempted to authorize their landing but was denied, causing the Falcon to be attacked by Vulture droid starfighters. Cross managed to find a landing bay and he and Stark departed the Falcon allowing it to escape and draw off the droid starfighters. She and Cross confronted Iaclyn but were subdued by droids under control of the Iron Eclipse virus. Iaclyn explained to Elli that she put herself in danger by coming to the space station. He revealed that she was not the daughter of Iaco Stark, but rather the result of an affair Arris Rossum had. Therefore, Iaco Stark felt no connection for her and would not hesitate to kill her. Iaclyn explained that his attempts to arrange a marriage were to get Elli safely away from the Starks. Elli witnessed the murder of her brother when Iaco appeared behind Iaclyn and stabbed him through the chest. Iaco greeted her and told her he owed her nothing and was going to kill her. Elli managed to grab a blaster and retreated with Cross to the exit of the room where they were confronted by a reprogrammed IN-GA.[2]

Elli was restrained by droids while Iaco watched Cross and IN-GA battle. When IN-GA left to disable the repulsorlift generators, Iaco ordered all the droids to stop here which freed Elli. She fled to the landing pad on Cross's orders and attempted to contact the Millennium Falcon for retrieval. After Cross disabled Iaco, he and Elli leapt from the sinking space station onto the top of the Falcon where they entered through the dorsal hatch. Elli made her way to the cockpit and asked to jump to hyperspace, but Solo informed here they had to clear the planet's gravity well first. When IN-GA contacted the Falcon and explained she was trapped on the dying space station, Elli asked if they could go back and retrieve her. Solo stated that they couldn't for safety reasons, but there might be a chance to rescue the droid by using the ship's tractor beams. When Cross rejected that plan, stating it was too dangerous, Elli tried to sentimentally persuade Cross. He responded that Inga was "simply a droid. A machine."

Once free of Reltooine, Elli and Cross retired to one of the cabins in the Falcon. She reaffirmed Cross's promise to get her out of the Corporate Sector and suggested that she might like to go to Coruscant and become a spy like Cross. They then shared an intimate kiss.[3]

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