"You're so like your mother—my sister. Both of you are such warriors. Like her, you sacrifice so much for the Empire—for your father. It's a pity she died before her time, murdered by that traitor Eshkar Niin."
―Hogrum Chalk, to his niece Marasiah Fel[src]

Elliah Fel was a female Human of the Fel Empire and was the wife of Roan Fel, the mother of Marasiah Fel and the sister of Hogrum Chalk.

At some point, the Iktotchi Imperial Knight Eshkar Niin attempted to kill her on the rooftop of a city building in the presence of his apprentice Antares Draco. Although the Empress did manage to defend herself with a lightsaber for some time, she was slain by the treacherous knight. Draco then attacked Niin with the intention of killing him. Although Draco seemingly did so, Niin in fact faked defeat and death to escape. He would later become Darth Havok of Darth Krayt's One Sith.

Elliah's death also put a major strain on the Empire's relations with the Hapes Consortium. The Hapans saw her death as Roan Fel's fault, since Niin was his knight.

Behind the scenesEdit

While it's not implicitly established in the Legacy comics, the fact that Hapans publicly took offense to her death seems to suggest a connection to the Hapes Consortium, or even to the Hapan Royal House considering the political repercussions. A similar ambiguity is that although she wielded an Imperial Knight lightsaber against Niin, it has been left unstated whether or not she was an Imperial Knight herself, or even Force-sensitive.


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