Lady Elliar was Isolder's fiancée. Because Ta'a Chume was threatened by her pacifistic tendencies, she had deemed her too weak to rule and had Elliar drowned in one of Hapes' reflecting pools.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some sources refer to this character as Ellian.

In the novel The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey, there was a passage that stated that Ta'a Chume might have arranged the murder of her eldest son's fiancée and even of the man himself. Since there was no use of names in this passage, it can imply that either Kalen was Elliar's fiancé (which is a continuity error) or that Kalen also had a fiancée who was murdered by Ta'a Chume (which is possible, since next to nothing is known about him). This would also make sense, if like Elliar, she felt this woman too weak to be her successor as dictated by Hapan law.



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