Ellor was a Duros smuggler who worked for Billey. He joined Talon Karrde's Smugglers' Alliance to fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn after Imperial troops raided a smuggler meet on Trogan. Ellor had ties to some Duros repair yards which were employed by the New Republic, and on one occasion "borrowed" a pair of Republic DP-20 gunships for use in a raid against Thrawn's shipyard at Bilbringi that he helped Mazzic orchestrate.[1]

Ellor's group later participated in the Battle of Bilbringi (9 ABY) along with other members of the Smugglers' Alliance in an effort to procure a crystal gravfield trap to sell to the New Republic. Though their plans were disrupted by the arrival of New Republic and Imperial fleets, the smugglers were able to help the New Republic by launching a diversionary assault on a Golan II battle station.[1]

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Ellor was incorrectly portrayed as a Sullustan in the comic adaption of the Thrawn Trilogy, and was named Par'tah in the second issue of The Last Command.



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Ellor as a Sullustan.

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