Eloc Throno was an adventurer, historian, author and explorer of the galaxy. After leaving his homeworld of Davnar II, he studied cartography at Orchis 2's Graf Archive under director Amel Fortoon.

Throno often enjoyed to visit the planet Batuu, writing a guide about the planet and its inhabitants, which he updated more than once. He authored more than a dozen guides including The Traveler's Guide to Tatooine, The Traveler's Guide to Xibariz, Volcanic Planets: Your Guide to the Galaxy's Hottest Destinations, and Mandalorian Battlefield Tours. He also made frequent appearances on regional HoloNet programs.[1]

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Eloc Throno was first mentioned in the 2020 reference book Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: Traveler's Guide to Batuu, written by Cole Horton. The character's name is an anagram of Horton's own.[1]

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