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Elom was a cold and barren desert-like planet that was home to the Elom and Elomin species. The Elom lived in the caves of the A'driannamieq Mountains while the Elomin lived on the surface.


Elom was located within a star system in the Sertar sector of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy.[1] The Elomin civilization claimed large portions of the planet's surface for mining and limited agriculture, but vast tracts of wilderness remained. These areas included desert plains and small mountains, which were inhabited by nomadic packs of ranphyx.[5]


Some time before the Great Galactic War The Sith Lord Darth Nul of the reconstituted Sith Empire built a temple on this world, housing many of her creations. It was later abandoned, and all records of Null were stripped from Imperial records by the time of the third Galactic War.[4]

During the Cold War, cave paintings were discovered on Elom which suggested that contact between the planet's two sentient species occurred earlier than it was recorded.[6]

Elom Elomin FiB

An Elom and an Elomin.

The Galactic Republic first made contact with the Elomin in 120 BBY but with the Eloms only in 50 BBY. Some scientists hypothesized that the Elomin were descended from a lost Zabrak colony. Upon the world's discovery, the Galactic Senate hailed it as a significant find, due to its large deposits of Lommite. Lommite was mined on Elom for use in transparisteel, and was the cause of the first interaction between the Elom and the Elomin. The planet was represented in the Galactic Senate by Rennimdius B'thog Indriummsegh.

Conquest by the Empire[]

Such a valuable world could not be left to its own devices, at least in the view of the Galactic Empire. After the planet was conquered by Imperial forces, the Elomin were forced to slave away in the lommite mines. Since the Empire had not discovered the cave-dwelling Elom, they were able to help some Elomin escape slavery. This further bonded the two species together. The more technically-advanced Elomin worked to sabotage Imperial mining efforts. Many Elomin joined the Rebel Alliance, with the liberation of their homeworld their driving force.

Under the New Republic[]

After the New Republic liberated the planet, the two species formed an alliance. Elom was a founding member of the New Republic, represented on the New Republic Provisional Council by Verrinnefra B'thog Indriummsegh. The planet was later represented in the New Republic Senate by Rattagagech. During the Thrawn campaign Elom was near the Borderland Regions, a stretch of space that separated New Republic space from Imperial held portions of the galaxy. This proximity to Imperial controlled territory made the Elomin worried of repeat aggression. They instituted a massive armament program as a preventive measure. Elomin that served in the New Republic military during its early years tended to serve in units composed of just themselves, though this began to subside as the Elomin became more comfortable around other species.

Yuuzhan Vong Invasion[]

Elom was one of many worlds in the Outer Rim to fall victim to attack by the Yuuzhan Vong. The world's complex series of caves and passages no doubt proved difficult to the invaders. As a result, the invasion was repelled.



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