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"My husband is innocent- please don't let him go to jail for a crime he didn't commit!"
―Elora to Revan and Jolee Bindo[src]

Elora was a female Human who lived on Manaan during the Jedi Civil War. She was the longtime wife of the crippled former Galactic Republic soldier and war hero Sunry.


When Elora discovered the affair that Sunry had been having with the Sith Elassa Huros, she convinced him to abandon it, and the two attempted to work things out. When Sunry was accused of murdering Elassa, she tried to contact anyone who could help, including Sunry's old friend Jolee Bindo, who was traveling with Revan at the time. When the party arrived in Ahto City, she asked Revan, whom she recognized as being a Jedi, to become Sunry's arbiter in the hopes of proving the man innocent.

Behind the scenesEdit

Elora only appears if the player has Jolee in the party or if they have met with Davin Kotras in a starport after landing on a planet.

Elora is voiced by Carolyn Seymour.


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