The Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route also known as the Elrood-Derilyn Run[3] or simply the E-D Run[1] was a hyperspace trade route that was located in the Elrood sector of the Outer Rim.


The route was first blazed as a connection between Elrood and the Derilyn system through a small area of space between The Drift and the Degan Gas Clouds. Smaller branches of the main route connected the few systems off the route with the main worlds, although these branches were less traveled. These extensions connected Halbara with Elrood, Berea with Derilyn and Almaran with the Torina system. Several routes went to the Lanthrym system, while the worlds inside the Degan Gas Clouds were connected with the Kidron system.[3] The E-D Run was connected with the larger Rimma Trade Route via the Coyn Route which intersected the Elrood-Derilyn Run at Coyn,[4] the "Gateway to the Elrood Sector".[1]


The route was first established during the heyday of the Old Republic and connected the important worlds of the Elrood sector. Although the sector was isolated, the colonies survived, but never achieved any wealth.[1]

When the Galactic Empire came to power, the Elrood sector was received little attention. This change with the occupation of Derilyn, the closest planet to Imperial space, and the creation of an interdicted space zone around Derilyn and Berea. This made Torina effectively the new last stop on the route and brought an economic boost to the system.[1] The part of the route between Torina and Derilyn became known as "The Extreme". The Extreme was heavily patrolled by the few Imperial ships in the sector. Sometimes, asteroids were placed in the route to force ships back into realspace.[5] As an act of defiance, the people pioneered the Coyn Route to the Rimma Trade Route, thus isolating Derilyn even more.[1]

Travel timesEdit

Planetary route Travel time (using Class One hyperdrive)
Elrood—Kidron[3] 3 hours[3]
Kidron—Bodrin[3] 4 hours[3]
Bodrin—Coyn[3] 2 hours[3]
Coyn—Korad[3] 1 hours[3]
Korad—Merisee[3] 1 hours[3]
Merisee—Torina[3] 3 hours[3]
Torina—Derilyn[3] 4 hours[3]
Total travel time 18 hours[1]


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