"I sense incredible power coming from him. When you confront him, be prepared for anything."
―Jedi Master Vij Markos.[src]

Elshuu was an ancient and powerful male Rakata who was imprisoned by the Infinite Empire within a Mind prison thousands of years ago. In that time, his mind was trapped within the relic that was kept on the world of Belsavis. The device was located in the Caves of Elshuu within the Tomb. He remained there for centuries until the time of the Cold War when the Sith Empire attacked the planet. This led to a large scale riot both from the prisoners of the Galactic Republic prison and the deeper Rakatan one.

In that time, fanatical disciples of Elshuu were freed and attempted to free their master. This was discovered by Jedi Master Vij Markos who attempted to find a Republic official to stop the attempt and ensure Elshuu never escaped Belsavis. Whilst aware of his existence, the Jedi was unsure on the true nature of Elshuu and whether he was a man or a monster. Elshuu waited for one of his followers to enter into the mind prison where he intended to take possession of their body in order to bring destruction to the world outside.

Eventually, Markos found a spacer to deal with Elshuu. The spacer went to Elshuu's tomb and fought through Elshuu's army of Flesh Raiders before reaching the mind prison Elshuu was imprisoned in. The spacer entered the mind prison and Elshuu assumed they were there to free him. When he learned that they weren't, Elshuu attempted to kill the spacer and take their body. The spacer killed Elshuu, ensuring he would never escape.

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