"They are traditionalists—tonsorially as well as politically. The style of dress and facial adornments pay homage to the regalia of Queen Elsinore [sic] den Tasia of Grizmallt, who dispatched an expeditionary fleet of humans to the planet some four thousand years ago, and to whom some Naboo claim to be able to trace an unbroken ancestry."
Larsh Hill, about the Naboo[src]

Elsinoré den Tasia was a female Human who served as the Queen of the planet Grizmallt for just over fifty years, her reign beginning around 3951 BBY.


A Human female from the Core World of Grizmallt, Elsinoré Den Tasia was born in the Old Sith Wars period of the galactic history. In 3951 BBY, she ascended to the throne of her homeworld and started a decades-long colonization effort to spread her people to new planets. One of her expeditions led to the colonization of fourteen systems, including Renatasia.[3] Circa 3900 BBY, she personally sponsored one of her world's last colonization missions. The fleet for this expedition was led by the Galactic Republic scout Kwilaan and consisted of three ships: Beneficent Tasia, Constant, and Mother Vima. A long time later, Kwilaan and his colonists found a planet named Naboo, where they came into conflict with the world's native Gungans.[2]

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According to Daniel Wallace, the retcon of Renatasia as another colony of Grizmallt is a small Easter egg, as Reina Tasia (Queen Tasia in Spanish) could come from Queen Elsinoré den Tasia.[4]



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