"The Elthree Assault Team. Battle droids resistant to the particular homicidal droid virus that Gor was trying to infect the whole galaxy with."
―One of the Elthree droids[src]

The Elthree Assault Team was a group of battle droids, founded by L3-37 to counter Fyzen Gor's Phylanx Redux Transmitter. After discovering the Phylanx in the Mesulan Remnants Belt, L3-37 implanted a virus into it, and used information she had gathered to build a battle droid replica of herself, which then went on to build several more droids. When L3's virus activated, the Phylanx sent out a distress signal, alerting the Elthree Assault Team, who arrived during a skirmish with Fyzen Gor and his Original Dozen. Two of the Elthree Assault Team droids survived, rescuing Lando Calrissian from the destruction of the Phylanx and returning him to the Chevalier. With their purpose fulfilled, the two remaining droids left the shuttle, planning to part ways.[1]


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