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Emala was a Squib who, along with Grees and Sligh, formed the dubious group the Directors. For a while they made their profits by selling information they had collected to the New Republic Intelligence Service, but later they found a new break on Tatooine. In 8 ABY, the Squibs "helped" Han and Leia Solo during their skirmishes on Tatooine while trying to obtain the moss painting Killik Twilight. They realized that selling information to the Imperial Remnant would be more profitable, and later started Second Mistake Enterprises.

After surviving the Yuuzhan Vong War she became a war profiteer along with Grees and Sligh during the Killik-Chiss Swarm War. After being sabotaged by the Solos, they took out a bounty on each of the family's heads.

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