"Two Jedi, yes? Running from Inquisitor. Khandra and Nuhj. They go to Burnin Konn, to Embertown."
"I know the place―used to be called "Kind Caverns" before the mine caught fire. We tossed rocks at the security droids as kids."
Untabros Munkh and the Smuggler[src]

Embertown was a mining location on the planet Burnin Konn. Originally known as Kind Caverns, the place was renamed after the mine caught fire. Having survived the Great Jedi Purge, the Jedi Khandra and Nuhj went into hiding there. Fighting broke out in Embertown with the arrival of an Imperial Inquisitor, who attacked the two Jedi. That battle continued, and eventually ended up in a chromium mine off Wickridge.[1]


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