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"I never knew that I had a sister. It's nice not being alone."
―Omega, to Emerie Karr[6]

Emerie Karr was a human female[2] clone[1] created from the genetic template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.[2] She worked as a scientist and doctor with Doctor Royce Hemlock on Mount Tantiss.[3]

Following Lieutenant Nolan's death at the hands of Crosshair, Karr supervised the clone's medical treatment.[7] When the enhanced female clone Omega was captured and brought to Mount Tantiss by Hemlock, Karr informed her that Crosshair was still alive and recuperating along with the other rogue clones. Omega was distrustful towards her until Karr revealed that she was her sister.[2]


Early life[]

Emerie Karr was created as a clone from the genetic template of Jango Fett, made to be a female unlike most of the clones.[2] Created by the Kaminoans, Karr lived on the planet Kamino[6] and was aware of another female clone, Omega, who was her sister.[2] At some point, Karr left Kamino and was taken in by Doctor Royce Hemlock. She came to work at the Galactic Empire's facilities at Mount Tantiss on the planet Wayland.[6]

Imperial scientist[]

Zillo Beast incident[]

Emerie Karr and Scorch- TBB Metamorphosis

Emerie Karr and Scorch report to Dr. Hemlock

When a transport carrying a Zillo Beast clone lost communication with Tantiss Base near the planet Silla, Karr approached Hemlock, who was talking with an imprisoned Nala Se. She informed Hemlock about the missing transport, and Hemlock ordered for recovery teams to begin a search, and for the transported asset, which was a cloned Zillo Beast, to be contained. Hemlock then asked Karr if there had been Kaminoans who were taken offworld prior to the destruction of Tipoca City, and Karr informed him of one: the former Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su. Hemlock requested that Su be brought before him. Later, Karr informed Hemlock that the Zillo Beast had been recovered and was secured at Mount Tantiss. She also told him that Lama Su would be arriving soon.[3]

Meeting Crosshair[]

"Remain calm. Cooperate, and you might survive."
―Emerie Karr, to Crosshair[8]

When the Imperial agent Crosshair betrayed the Empire, he was taken prisoner and transported to Tantiss Base before being placed under Karr's care. When Crosshair woke up, Karr gently greeted him, telling him that Hemlock would come for him soon. In the meantime, she told him to remain calm and injected him with a chemical that returned him to unconsciousness, adding that if he cooperated, he would have a chance to survive.[7]

Later, Karr waited for Crosshair in a ray-shielded cell. When two stormtroopers escorted him inside, Karr asked Crosshair how he was feeling, but the clone did not answer her question. Hemlock arrived shortly after, remarking that Crosshair had recovered remarkably fast. Hemlock made Crosshair an offer to free him in exchange for revealing the location of Clone Force 99, adding that they had something that belonged to him. Karr witnessed Crosshair deny the notion that he knew where his former squad members were. In response, Crosshair was restrained on the operating table and an IT-O Interrogation Unit entered. While the interrogation droid began injecting Crosshair, a woman informed Hemlock that one of their transport ships had been attacked while departing the planet Balmorra, and that the prisoners aboard it had escaped. Hemlock left Karr to supervise the interrogation and told her to tell him when Crosshair was ready to talk.[8]

As the interrogation droid continued, Karr ordered it to stop. A stormtrooper questioned her motives, to which she replied that he could not talk if he was dead. She injected Crosshair with a shot in the arm and then ordered the guards to secure Crosshair's restraints while she retrieved a datapad and checked his vitals. However, Crosshair grabbed one of the troopers' blasters and shot them as well as the interrogation droid. While being held at blasterpoint, Karr attempted to reason with Crosshair, but the imprisoned clone forced her to remove his restraints. She warned him that he would not be able to escape the facility in his weakened condition, but he nonetheless stunned her with the blaster.[8]

Crosshair would be recaptured and returned to the cell. Once again fastened to the table, Karr followed Hemlock inside to once again interrogate him. This time, Karr only watched as the droid injected him again, this time with a higher injection level, per Hemlock's orders.[8]

When Imperial forces captured Omega on Ord Mantell, the young clone was brought to Tantiss Base. Karr met Omega there and watched as Omega tried to help Crosshair, whom she had found unconscious and strapped to a table in a large room of other clone prisoners. Omega demanded to know what they had done to him, and Karr calmly responded that he was recovering and that she had tried to warn him what would happen if he did not cooperate with Hemlock. Omega demanded to speak with Nala Se, and Karr replied that it was ironic that Omega did not trust her, then revealed to her that they were sisters, shocking Omega.[2]

Working with Omega[]

Emerie speaks with Omega-TBB Confined

Emerie greats Omega and tells her she was not a prisoner and will acclimate.

One morning shortly after Omega became imprisoned on Tantiss, Karr greeted Omega in her room. Omega insisted she was being held as a prisoner, but Karr rebutted Omega's claim, telling her she would acclimate. Karr then led Omega through the corridors, passing several imprisoned clone troopers, including Crosshair; who were guarded by clone commandos. Karr led Omega to the laboratory, where they collected blood samples from the imprisoned clones. As they finished, Karr told Omega that lastly, she would need to collect a sample from her. Omega reluctantly obliged. As Karr took Omega's sample, Omega asked her why she had not seen Karr on Kamino. Karr replied she had been sent elsewhere until Hemlock took her under his wing. She explained that Hemlock saw potential in her, just like Nala Se saw potential in Omega. Omega noted it would have been nice if she had a sister around. Karr then instructed Omega to send the tray of blood samples to Nala Se. Unbeknownst to Karr, Nala Se discarded Omega's sample upon receiving the tray of blood samples. Omega also secretly visited Crosshair's cell and tried to convince him unsuccessfully to trust Karr.[6]

The next day Karr and Omega went through the same procedure. However, this time, Omega was subject to a surprise cell inspection by clone commandos. They found and confiscated the straw tooka Omega had made, handing it to Karr. Karr reminded Omega that personal items were forbidden. After that incident, everything else quickly became routine between Karr and Omega.[6]

Immediately after Omega released a lurca hound whom she named Batcher, she was cornered by Hemlock and Karr. Hemlock scolded Omega for releasing the wounded animal, insisting that Batcher’s domestication only made her vulnerable to the deadly wild beasts roaming the planet. Omega countered saying Batcher deserves a chance to live. While Omega continued to protest, Karr attempted to defuse the situation by volunteering to return Omega to her cell. However, Hemlock rejected her and continued to press Omega, threatening to hurt Crosshair if she did not cooperate. As Omega backed down, Hemlock instructed Karr to escort Omega back to her cell and restrict her access.[6]

The Emperor’s arrival[]

Around 164 days after Omega arrived on Wayland, Emperor Palpatine traveled to the facility. As the facility became a buzz of activity, Karr told Omega that she did not know what was happening and told her it was best not to ask questions. As Karr prepared for their daily samples, Hemlock and Nala Se entered, and Hemlock told Karr about Palpatine's imminent presence and said that it required his and Nala Se’s attention. Hemlock instructed Karr to finish the blood testing in the lab herself instead of handing it off to Nala Se. Nala Se objected to this, wanting to do it herself so she could secretly discard Omega's sample, but Hemlock dismissed her. After finishing the samples, Karr went to the central lab, with Omega trailing her. As Karr prepared the centrifuge, she noticed Omega acting strange. Karr was unaware that Nala Se had instructed Omega to escape the facility, telling her that she would be in great danger if her sample was tested. Karr asked if Omega was doing alright, but before waiting for her answ, decided to dismiss her and gently told her to forget the rest of her duties for the day and to return to her room until she felt better. Unbeknownst to Karr, Omega stole Nala Se's datapad, as she had been instructed to, before leaving the lab.[9]

Later, Karr went to check on Omega at her cell, only to discover it empty. Remembering Omega's incident with the lurca hounds, she quickly went to check the hound kennels and Omega and Crosshair trying to escape, the former having freed the latter from his cell. As Crosshair raised a blaster at her, Karr calmly offered to quietly return them to their cells, promising she would tell no one of their deception. Omega countered, telling Karr that she lived on Kamino her entire life and that Tantiss was now a second form of captivity for her. Omega reminded Karr she was a clone too, and asked Karr to help them. Although this caused Karr to momentarily pause, she nonetheless alerted her superiors, leading to Crosshair stunning her. Crosshair and Omega were then able to escape.[9]

Omega and Crosshair’s escape[]

In the kennels, Hemlock and the clone commandos found Karr unconscious on the ground and helped her back to her feet. Karr informed them Omega had a datapad and had used it to escape with Crosshair through the kennels. Hemlock subsequently ordered that the other lurca hounds be released to help track down the fugitives. Karr objected, citing the hounds could kill Omega and Crosshair. Hemlock replied they were now escapees and needed to be stopped at all costs.[9]

Karr would return to the lab to examine the remaining blood samples as Rho-class shuttles filled with stormtroopers were sent to track down Omega and Crosshair. Shortly after the escapees hijacked one of the shuttles, Karr scanned Omega’s sample. While V-wings pursued the stolen ship, Karr discovered Omega’s blood sample supported a positive M-count transfer. She informed Hemlock, who in turn ordered the V-wings to stand down, as they needed Omega alive to finish their experiments. Karr’s timely report meant that Crosshair and Omega were allowed to escape into hyperspace. Moments later, Hemlock told Karr and the rest of his staff that the clones’ escape was a minor setback, and that he would use all of the Empire’s resources to track them down.[9]

Karr's promotion[]

The truth about Tantiss[]


Emerie enters the Tantiss vault

Hemlock left the Tantiss vault to speak with Karr and Scorch. Karr reported that progress in the laboratory had stalled since Nala Se’s detention. Hemlock replied that Nala Se could not be trusted following her role in Omega and Crosshair's escape. Karr asked him if he trusted her, since she had worked by his side for years, and said that she could be of more help if given the right clearance. Hemlock asked if Karr was asking to be promoted to Chief Scientist and then reluctantly agreed. Telling Karr to follow him, he proceeded to update her about Project Necromancer.[10]

Hemlock led Karr through a corridor leading to the Vault, which was guarded by clone commandos. As they passed through the series of scanners, they passed several more clone commandos. Simultaneously, Hemlock explained to Karr there were specimens inside that were vital to Project Necromancer’s success, and they must be handled with the greatest care. Inside a circular chamber, she met three Force-sensitive alien younglings, all with a high M-count; an Iktotchi designated SP-54, a Mirialan designated SP-32, and a Pantoran female. Karr asked why they were experimenting on children, rather than adults. Hemlock replied there were few Force-sensitive adults left and that children were easier to control.[10]

Karr and Hemlock followed another human scientist who escorted the Iktotchi into a room where a nanny droid extracted a blood sample from her. Hemlock explained to Karr that M-counts could not be directly replicated from the source, but that Nala Se knew of an alternate method. Omega had been the only binder proven to be compatible with their DNA to replicate their M-count levels, and Nala Se had helped her escape once she had discovered this. Therefore, it was imperative that Omega was found, and they must be prepared for the scenario she was retrieved. Moments later, Hemlock talked with Scorch, while Karr spoke with the Iktotchi child. She smiled at Karr and told her that her glasses were nice. When Karr asked what her name was, Hemlock interjected, ordering her to limit her interactions with the specimens.[10]

Jax's escape attempt[]

As Karr oversaw the nanny droid collecting blood samples from the SP-54, the girl greeted her. Karr addressed her as SP-54, but the girl introduced herself as Eva, proceeding to ask for Karr's name. Karr introduced herself as Dr. Karr. Eva asked Karr what happened to Nala Se and why she was no longer overseeing the project, Karr told her that was none of her concern. Eva said that Nala Se promised that she would find out when she would be going home and asked Karr to find out for her, to which Karr replied she would look into it.[10]

Karr then attended to SP-32. While Karr was busy working on her datapad, SP-32 dodged the nanny droid, grabbing an unsuspecting Karr’s datapad, and charged out of the lab. Other scientists in the upper tier placed the vault into complete lockdown, while Karr and two nanny droids attempted to stop him, to no avail. He yelled that he wanted to go home, just like Eva. Scorch intercepted him at the doorway, stunning him, much to Karr’s resentment. While the medical droids extracted the required blood sample from SP-32, Eva asked if Jax would be okay. After Eva confirmed SP-32 was Jax, Karr reassured Eva that Jax would be fine. Karr insisted he was not in trouble and could be visited the next day.[10]


Later on, Karr visited Nala Se in her cell to seek answers about the experiments in the Tantiss vault. Nala Se realized Karr has replaced her in her former position. She reconfirmed the Galactic Empire planned on keeping the children so they could be controlled. Karr said that the children did not belong on Tantiss, to which the Kaminoan agreed. Nala Se told Karr she had done all she could to protect the children and it was Karr’s responsibility to protect them, including Omega. Karr said she had no power to do anything, but Nala Se told her to reconsider that. After Karr left Nala Se’s cell, she was encountered by Hemlock and Scorch in the corridor. Hemlock told her he knew of Jax’s escape and informed her another, far younger specimen was ready for pick up. Karr requested to go herself, to ensure the specimen was “handled carefully.” Hemlock originally declined her request, but then agreed and allowed her to go alongside Scorch.[10]

Karr, Scorch, and a squad of TK stormtroopers traveled to Imperial Station 003 located above Coruscant to rendezvous with the bounty hunter Cad Bane. Bane remarked Karr was not the Imperial he normally dealt with, and Karr replied she was there to examine the specimen and not to answer any other questions. Bane's droid, Todo 360, brought out a feline child in a floating cradle. Karr turned to Scorch and commented the specimen was far younger than expected, but Scorch was unconcerned, replying that would make him easier to handle. While Karr verified the child's M-count, a stormtrooper paid Bane. Karr then asked Bane how many Force-sensitive children he had brought in, and Bane responded that was confidential, only confirming he was good at his job.[10]

Emerie Karr holding a straw Tooka-TBB Identity Crisis

Emerie pulled the straw tooka out of a drawer and gave it to Eva.

When Karr returned to the Tantiss vault, she was informed that Jax had been placed in solitary confinement for two days. An angry Eva said Karr lied about Jax not being punished, reiterating they all wanted to go home. Later that day, Karr compared the children’s blood samples with Omega’s in the central lab. She then pulled the box with Omega’s straw tooka out of a drawer. As a consolation, Karr gave the tooka doll to Eva and watched her take it into her possession from the vault’s upper tier.[10]

Omega’s return[]

Immediately after Omega was returned to Tantiss, Hemlock escorted her down a turbolift, bringing her back to Nala Se's lab and Karr’s care. Omega and Karr stared at each other in shock for a moment. Hemlock then ordered Karr to use Omega's blood to confirm the experiment still succeeded. When Omega asked Hemlock what happened to Nala Se, Hemlock replied the Kaminoan had been imprisoned and would not aid Omega in any further escape efforts. Hemlock told Karr he would return later to check on results before departing. Omega told Karr that she did not have to go through with the experiment, but Karr reluctantly said that she had no choice. As she extracted a sample from Omega, Karr remarked she was glad her sister was safe. Omega asked if she was truly safe, but Karr did not respond.[11]

As Karr finished analyzing Omega's blood sample, she reconfirmed Omega's blood produced a favorable M-Count replication when combined with the specimen in the vault. Hemlock was not surprised and expected the outcome. He then escorted Omega into the Tantiss Vault and explained why she was quintessential to their cloning efforts.[11] After Omega was imprisoned in the vault, she spoke with a fellow prisoner, Eva, while the sat at one of the tables, noticing the straw tooka Eva was holding. Eva told Omega that Karr had given it to her and that she was the only nice person in the facility.[12]

Later, while Karr extracted Omega’s sample, Omega asked Karr where the other children came from. Karr told Omega that she had no idea and the only thing she knew for sure was they were well looked after. Omega told Karr that she would like to believe her while a Tantiss medical droid collected a test tube containing her sample and deposited it in a dumbwaiter system located in the wall. While Karr was distracted, Omega stole a small metal tool and hid it in her sleeve. While Omega mingled with the other children in the vault’s table area, Karr talked Dr. Scalder, who objected to Omega mingling with the other children. Karr countered and said that the children were engaged in activities designed to keep their minds active, and reassured her colleague that they had them under constant observation. Scalder remarked that their protocols had not stopped Omega from escaping before. Karr reconfirmed her authority, reminding Scalder that she was the Chief Scientist and said that she would run the vault as she saw fit.[12]

The Bad Batch arrive at Tantiss[]

When the Batch arrived at Tantiss, they were quickly intercepted by V-wings and laser cannons as they made their approach. In the vault's observation deck, Karr and her colleagues learned about the intrusion. She ordered to implement lockdown procedures in the vault and tasked Scalder with safeguarding the children. Scalder retorted and told her that her concern for the "specimens" was unwarranted.[13]

Later, Echo, who had smuggled himself on a science vessel and disguised himself as a TK trooper, entered Nala Se's lab. He gained access to a computer with information about Omega's Midi-chlorian count, when Karr entered the lab, confronting him. She inspected Echo as he discreetly placed his stolen droid hand back on top of his cybernetic scomp link. She told him troopers were not permitted in the lab. Echo claimed it was a special security protocol, but Karr noticed his droid hand. As he left the lab, Karr addressed him as Echo and informed him Omega told her about him. Echo said the Bad Batch were not just there to rescue Omega, but to also liberate all other prisoners being experimented in Tantiss. Karr said she was just following orders and Echo replied he'd heard that before. He asked her how she could participate in Hemlock's projects as she was a clone. Echo said Omega vouched for Karr and he hoped she was right. Karr informed Echo Omega was inside the vault and he had to trust her in order to get him inside and free the children. Karr explained to a surprised Echo that Omega was not the only child imprisoned in the base.[13]

Escaping Tantiss[]

Karr warned Echo the longer the facility remained on lockdown, the more danger of being discovered he would become. However, Echo was more concerned why he could not find any record of the vault, to which she explained the databanks were heavily encrypted and that the vault was several levels below under heavy guard, but she could get him inside. Echo was hesitant and asked the scientist why she was helping him, but Karr told Echo that she had realized her past actions were wrong and was ready to make amends and do the right thing. Echo nodded and agreed to her plan.[5]

Emerie and Echo- TBB The Cavalry Has Arrived

Emerie Karr speaking with Echo as they prepared to enter the Tantiss vault.

As they entered the vault, she told him the children were kidnapped from different disclosed locations and their genetic material was required for certain medical testing. When Echo asked how Omega fit into the testing, Karr replied she was vital to Project Necromancer. Inside, they found Hemlock and Scorch. Hemlock told them Omega and the other children incapacitated Scalder and fled using a weak point in the walls. Soon after, the room violently trembled before Scorch reported that the Zillo Beast had broke containment. As Hemlock left to contain the situation, he instructed Karr find Omega and return her to the vault and their fates were now tied to each other. After Hemlock and Scorch left, Echo told Karr that Omega released the Zillo Beast to create a diversion as it was exactly what he would have done.[5]

Karr and Echo made their way to the doors to the sublevel containment chamber, only to discover a trail of carnage inside, which led Echo to conclude that the children used the ladders to climb up to the surface. They opted to take a shortcut to a transport hangar at the top of the shaft. On their way up, they came across the Clone X troopers, who had just captured the rest of Clone Force 99, agreeing to come back and help them after ensuring the children's safety. Shortly afterward, they intercepted and stunned two TK stormtroopers, just as they prepared to report the children's position. Echo stunned the troopers, before revealing his identity to the children. Karr and Echo then escorted the children to the hangar. Upon reaching a Nu-class shuttle, Echo gave Karr coordinates, telling her to take the other children there and he and Omega would rendezvous with them after they freed the rest of the clones. Karr then gave Omega her datapad, telling her to use it to access all wings of the base. As Echo and Omega headed back inside the base, Karr led the children onto the shuttle and flew away from Tantiss, soon arriving on the island Pabu.[5]


Emerie Karr agreed to accompany Echo as part of the Clone Underground.

Later, Karr spoke with Echo on Pabu, who invited her to accompany him to Pantora, as Senator Riyo Chuchi would be interested in hearing about her experiences. Eager to make up for her past misdeeds, she joined the ranks of the Clone Underground and departed Pabu with Echo on the Remora.[5]

Personality and traits[]


Emerie Karr during her days as an Imperial scientist

Emerie Karr was a human female with long brown hair which she kept in a ponytail and tan skin.[3] A diligent and stoic worker, Karr had compassion for the clone prisoners, although she believed that resisting the Empire was futile. Although Karr helped experiment on the clone troopers, she at times experienced feelings of empathy and compassion towards them.[4] She had a soft spot for Omega,[6] who she considered her sister,[2] and even attempted to help Crosshair during his imprisonment.[8] When Omega and Crosshair attempted to escape, she was reluctant to act in a hostile manner towards them, although she did attempt to capture them. When Omega tried to convince her to come and escape with them, Karr decided against it and warned the Empire of their escape, leading to Crosshair stunning her.[9] After her experiences on Tantiss, culminating in her role in supervising kidnapped children, she found herself unable to serve the Empire any longer; she helped the Bad Batch rescue the imprisoned clones and children before joining the Clone Underground, believing she still had a great deal of work to do if she wanted to make up for her past.[5]

Behind the scenes[]


Emerie Karr was voiced by Keisha Castle-Hughes

"I think I learned it, maybe an episode before we recorded the episode where there was the reveal that they were sisters. Which was a huge shift, as well, especially for Emerie Karr. You know, it was like, 'Oh, wow.' I've been playing this character who comes from a really practical place, in a clone-like way, and then to all of a sudden kind of be like, 'Oh, well, she has family here,' which raises the stakes all of a sudden. It was really exciting when I learned about that new storyline."
―Keisha Castle-Hughes on learning Emerie Karr was Omega's sister[1]

Emerie Karr first appeared in "Metamorphosis," the eleventh episode in the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch and was voiced by Keisha Castle-Hughes.[3] Castle-Hughes previously played Queen Apailana in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, the third and last installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.[14]

When Castle-Hughes first was given the role of Emerie Karr, she was told very little about the character. Although she assumed that Karr and Omega would have some connection due to the fact that both she and Michelle Ang, who voiced Omega, were instructed to use their natural New Zealand accents, the show's creators did not tell her that Karr and Omega were sisters until she recorded for the final episode.[1]



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