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Emita was a small city located on the Core Worlds planet of Chandrila. It contained one of Chandrila's three full spaceports and was the only region of the planet in which industrial manufacturing was permitted. The majority of the Gladean State Parks, recreational facilities supported by a tax on industry, were located in the city.


Emita was located on the planet Chandrila.

Emita was a small[2] city located on the Ananta continent of the Core Worlds planet Chandrila. The city contained the Emita Spaceport, one of[1] the three fully equipped spaceport facilities on the planet.[3]

The only area of the planet zoned for industrial manufacturing, Emita was home to the manufacturing company ChandrilTech. The corporation operated multiple facilities in the city, including a warehouse, its primary factory, multiple retail shops and show floors, and its headquarters, which was a tall spire. The industry based in the city was required to conform to strict environmental regulations, which discouraged outside investment in the region but allowed native Chandrilans to create a number of advancements in clean manufacturing. Despite its industry, Emita was home to most of the Gladean State Parks, a collection of recreational and natural sites that was spread across the planet. The Gladean Arboretum and Gladean Gardens Botanical Park of Chandrila were two such parks. As with the other parks, both attracted tourists from around the Ringali Shell region of the Core Worlds and beyond.[1]

The Emita Spaceport was the only one on its continent and the smallest of Chandrila's three spaceports. Large amounts of grain grown in the northern part of Chandrila's eastern continent moved through the spaceport, as did many interstellar travelers who planned to attend the Chandrilan Academy of Sciences—a college located in Emita that attracted students from around the Core Worlds. A shuttle service carried passengers across the Emerald Ocean to Chandrila's capital, Hanna City.[1]


Thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War, the city was led by Governor Gladean. Gladean levied a tax on industrial operations on Chandrila, using a complex formula to determine how much companies would be charged; the money that was collected was placed in the Gladean State Parks Fund and distributed to parks around the planet. During the Imperial Period, the city's governor was named Dehsea.[1]


The Chandrilan Academy of Science, located in Emita, attracted many intelligent scientists from around the Core Worlds to the city.[1]

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Emita was first mentioned in the 2003 Star Wars Roleplaying Game sourcebook Coruscant and the Core Worlds, published by Wizards of the Coast.[3]


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