"…while the fanatical Grand Admiral Il-Raz committed suicide by plunging his flagship into the heart of the Denarii Nova."
The Essential Chronology[2]

The Emperor's Disciple was a Star Destroyer in the Imperial Navy that served as the personal flagship of the Imperial Grand Admiral Ishin-Il-Raz. Seeking the approval of Emperor Palpatine following his appointment to the rank in 2 BBY, Il-Raz commanded several[1] successful[3] missions from the bridge of the Emperor's Disciple, including the Massacre of Myomar and the bombardment of Shalam.[1]

When Palpatine was killed at the Battle of Endor[1] in 4 ABY,[4] Il-Raz spiralled into a suicidal depression. Eight months later, the grand admiral acted on his emotions, flying the Emperor's Disciple into the firestorm of the Denarii Nova, killing all 37,000 people aboard, including himself.[1] His death was later referenced in The Essential Chronology, a historical document compiled by the New Republic.[2]

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The Emperor's Disciple was first indirectly mentioned in the 2000 reference book The Essential Chronology, written by Kevin J. Anderson and Daniel Wallace, as the flagship of Grand Admiral Il-Raz.[2] The 2003 article "Who's Who: Imperial Grand Admirals," also written by Wallace along with Abel G. Peña, and published in Star Wars Insider 66, was the first source to name the ship.[1] Wallace and Peña originally wrote an article about the grand admirals for Star Wars Gamer, which identified the Emperor's Disciple as an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, but the article was unpublished due to Star Wars Gamer's cancellation.[5]


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