An Emperor's Eye was an exalted level of Dark Side Adept loyal to Palpatine. It was higher in rank than the Emperor's Hand.


Their counterparts included the Emperor's Reach, Emperor's Voice, and the Emperor's Hands. The "Eyes" possessed a particular propensity for seeing into the Force and the future. Palpatine entrusted the duty of training these Eyes to his Prophets of the Dark Side.

Two Eyes were known to have been trained:

Behind the scenesEdit

"You are now the Emperor's Eyes."
―Secret Order of the Emperor high priest Maarek Stele[src]

The group was first mentioned in Star Wars: TIE Fighter, where the player character, Maarek Stele, was made into an Emperor's Eye by the Secret Order of the Emperor after completing an indeterminant amount of missions. Despite this, however, Stele's position as such is questionable due to other sources stating there weren't any other Emperor's eyes outside of Merili and Triclops.



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