"One man earned the honor of commanding The Emperor's Sword squadron: Maarek Stele."

The Emperor's Sword was a fighter wing in the Imperial Military during the Galactic Civil War. Made up of elite pilots sworn to defend Emperor Palpatine, the Emperor's Sword was stationed at Coruscant but always traveled with the Emperor and were therefore present at the Death Star II shortly before the Battle of Endor. As such, they also participated in the squadron parade signifying the Emperor's arrival, alongside its sister squadron Emperor's Shield and Scythe Squadron. Due to the pilots' years of experience, they tended to fly older TIE Series starfighters such as the TIE/LN starfighter. Maarek Stele was put in command of the Emperor's Sword after his role in saving Palpatine from a coup by rogue Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin.



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