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"I've never seen an Imperial like him before."
Hera Syndulla, on the Emperor's advisor Veris Hydan[src]

The Emperor's advisers, also known as Emperor's advisors or Imperial advisors, were high-ranking bureaucrats within the Galactic Empire. They served a variety of roles, including governance and control, as well as more mysterious ones.


The Emperor's advisers,[2] also referred to as Emperor's advisors or simply as Imperial advisors,[7] assisted Emperor Palpatine in operating the Galactic Empire. Most of them had attached themselves to Palpatine since his political debut as a seemingly unassuming senator from Naboo. The most senior advisers served on the Imperial Ruling Council.[2] Many of them wore extravagant purple robes. On their own planets, the Emperor's advisers walked as if they were gods. But in their master's presence, they were humbled.[8] Despite the actual importance of their duties,[2] the Emperor used his advisers more as errand boys.[8]

Imperial advisors had a large amount of control over large regions of space, and had the power to appoint Moffs. As such, Moffs, who were in control of large sectors and their corresponding Sector Groups, reported directly to them and the Emperor. Imperial advisors carried a variety of decrees from the Emperor, and were charged with reporting to him about the state of affairs of government. Other Imperial advisors had more mysterious roles that were only discussed as rumors within the highest levels of government. To remind them of who they owed their influence to, the Emperor often manipulated his own advisers and played them against each other to keep them from becoming too influential.[7]


At the time of the Gorse conflict, eleven years before the Battle of Yavin, Count Denetrius Vidian was one of the Emperor's advisers. Although he was not part of the Ruling Council at the time, the Imperial Captain Rae Sloane expected him to join that august body anytime soon.[6] When the Emperor went to the second Death Star to oversee the destruction of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, six of his advisers, including Janus Greejatus and Sim Aloo, accompanied him aboard his private shuttle.[1]

Following the Emperor's death in the Death Star's explosion during the Battle of Endor, Adviser Yupe Tashu became part of a short-lived group known as the Imperial Future Council.[5]



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