This article is about the fleet Emperor Palpatine used to confront Vader at the Executor regarding his use of a secret apprentice. You may be looking for the Imperial fleet stationed at Palpatine's throne world, Byss.

The Emperor's fleet was a fleet of warships part of the Imperial Navy seen in 2 BBY.[1] As indicated by the name, it was under the direct command of the head of state for the Galactic Empire, the Galactic Emperor, and used for instances that was important enough to require the Emperor to be personally involved.


This naval unit was assembled to accompany Emperor Palpatine on a visit to the under-construction Star Dreadnought Executor. It consisted of at least eight vessels, including several Imperial-class Star Destroyers[1] and several vessels with design features similar to the Executor-class, including a similar hull design.[2]


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