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"Setting up the mercenary contract from the Emperor's office didn't work either? No mistrust? No dramatic accusations?"
Barokki, speaking with his accomplice[3]

The Emperor's office, formerly known as the Chancellor's office or the Chancellor's Suite, was a suite of offices and private rooms that belonged to Emperor Palpatine during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Located near the pinnacle of the Imperial Executive Building, a government complex on the planet Coruscant, it also served as Palpatine's office during his tenure as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. In addition to a private, working office, the suite contained a ceremonial office where Chancellor Palpatine conducted official meetings with the Galactic Senate and the Jedi High Council.

Palpatine continued to use the office after becoming Emperor in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. However, he ultimately transferred his seat of power to the newly-renovated Imperial Palace, which once served as the home of the Jedi Order prior to Order 66.


The Chancellor's Suite had a ceremonial office that was reserved for official meetings.

The Emperor's office[3] was a collection of public and private offices[4] where the Sith Lord Darth Sidious—known to the galaxy as Sheev Palpatine—held court in the early days of the Galactic Empire.[2] Prior to the rise of the New Order, the office served as Palpatine's workspace during his time as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. It was located in the[4] well-guarded Senate Office Building,[5] a government complex[4] on one of the highest levels of the capital world of Coruscant, and comprised of several rooms,[5] such as a ceremonial office which contained the Chair of Office and the Chancellor's official desk.[4]

As leader of the Republic, the Chancellor often held meetings with members of the Galactic Senate as well as the Jedi High Council in the formal, ceremonial office.[1] It was the Chancellor's prerogative to decorate the office as he saw fit; as such, Palpatine's Sith-inspired preference for the color red was evident in the décor of his office, which also contained bronzium statues of the Four Sages of Dwartii (one of which concealed a lightsaber in both the main office and connecting anteroom, along with such relics as a pair of bas-reliefs depicting struggle between Jedi and Sith minions on an ancient battlefield, found in an archaeological excavation on[4] Yavin 4,[6] an urn with the ashes of his former master Darth Plagueis[source?] and a Sith Chalice; a form of incense burner used in ancient meditation rituals, recovered during an expedition to Malachor.[4] The office complex's security was provided by the Chancellor's Red Guard sentinels, who were stationed at the entrance of the ceremonial office during the waning days of the Separatist Crisis.[1] As Emperor he continued to use the ceremonial office as an audience chamber, although the Chancellor's desk had been removed at this point.[2]

The Chancellor's Suite also had a private office.

The chancellor's private office was located adjacent to the ceremonial office; from there Palpatine could access Sith databanks concealed elsewhere, monitor private HoloNet transmissions, and maintain contact with his secret followers. Both offices were connected by a multipurpose anteroom annexes which was used for meetings, waiting, and serving refreshments. Behind the area was the Chancellor's Archives, containing holodisc files and correspondence of former chancellors. Although Palpatine owned private apartments in the exclusive 500 Republica residential tower, the Chancellor's office included a small accommodation suite for his personal use. One of suite's rooms served as a working office for the Chancellor's aides, including a Red Guard whose duty was to ceaselessly monitor the security systems.[4]


Palpatine's chancellery[]

The Chancellor's errand[]

"Send him to me. I may be able to help."
―Sheev Palpatine, requesting to see Anakin Skywalker at the Chancellor's office[7]

The Chancellor's office was occupied by Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine during the final years of the Galactic Republic.

The Chancellor's office became the working office space of Sheev Palpatine[7]—a former senator who represented his homeworld of Naboo in the Galactic Senate—by 32 BBY, following his election to the office of Supreme Chancellor during the Invasion of Naboo.[8] During the early years of his chancellorship, Palpatine became invested in the career of Anakin Skywalker,[7] the prophesied Chosen One who began training as a Padawan in the Jedi Order shortly after the Battle of Naboo.[8] At Palpatine's request, Jedi Master Mace Windu sent Skywalker to meet with the Chancellor in his office under the supervision of his mentor, the recently promoted Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi.[7]

Palpatine brought the young Jedi with him to Club Kasakar, claiming it was a simple errand in order to allay Kenobi's concerns. After returning from their excursion, where Skywalker witnessed an example of Senatorial corruption, they returned to the Chancellor's office where Palpatine gauged Skywalker's commitment to the Jedi Order. Although Skywalker remained steadfast in his decision to become a Jedi Knight, Palpatine informed him that there would always be a place for him at the Chancellor's side.[9]

Separatist Crisis[]

"I don't know how much longer I can hold off the vote, my friends. More and more star systems are joining the Separatists."
―Sheev Palpatine, to the Jedi High Council[1]

Chancellor Palpatine discussed matters of state with the Jedi High Council in his office during the Separatist Crisis.

By 22 BBY the galaxy was on the verge of civil war as thousands of disaffected star systems joined the newly-formed Confederacy of Independent Systems, effectively seceding from the Republic. The Confederacy steadily gained widespread support for their cause in spite of overtures of peace and reconciliation from Chancellor Palpatine, who vowed to prevent the Separatist Crisis from tearing the thousand-year Republic asunder. During the political upheaval, the Chancellor's office was where Palpatine conducted official meetings with the Loyalist Committee and the Jedi High Council, both of which served in an advisory role to expedite the Chancellor's negotiations with the Separatists. Windu voiced his concern for the Republic's security, noting that the Jedi were not an army and, therefore, could not guarantee the safety of the state in the event of open war. His colleague, Grand Master Yoda also informed the Chancellor that the Force offered no insight into their dilemma, for the rising power of the dark side made it impossible to foresee the future.[1]

Palpatine praised Anakin Skywalker, calling him the most gifted apprentice in the Jedi Order.

When the Loyalists arrived at the Chancellor's office, Palpatine requested that the High Council assign Kenobi and Skywalker to the security detail of Senator Padmé Amidala, whose life had been threatened by an assassination attempt on Coruscant. Following a second attempt, the High Council dispatched Skywalker to speak with Palpatine in the hopes that he would give an executive order to Amidala, requiring her to leave the capital for security reasons. Palpatine obliged the High Council's request and then proceeded to praise their messenger, calling Skywalker the most gifted Jedi with the potential to surpass even the Grand Master of the Jedi Order.[1]

The Chancellor's office received Obi-Wan Kenobi's report on the Separatists' war plans.

As the Senate continued to debate the Military Creation Act, the High Council sent Kenobi to hunt and capture the mercenary involved in the plot against Amidala. Kenobi's investigation led him to follow the bounty hunter Jango Fett from Kamino to Geonosis, where he discovered factories responsible for the secret creation of the Separatist Droid Army. Knowing that the Separatists intended to make war on the Republic, Kenobi recorded his findings in a message that was received by Palpatine, his colleagues, and the High Council in the Chancellor's office.[1]

Having failed to prevent a conflict through diplomacy, the Loyalist Committee then looked to the Kaminoans' army of clone troopers for salvation. However, Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan noted that the Senate was too divisive to agree on the use of a clone army before the Separatists attacked the Republic. After Vice Chair Mas Amedda suggested that the Chancellor could unilaterally authorize the creation of a Republic Military, Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks successfully proposed a motion in the Senate that granted emergency wartime powers to Palpatine. Hence, the Grand Army of the Republic was established to defend the state and suppress the Separatist rebellion.[1]

Clone Wars[]

Kidnapping of Rotta[]

"We must help Jabba. This is the opportunity we've been looking for. The Jedi must rescue Jabba's son."
"Hmm. I don't like it, dealing with that criminal scum. This is a dark day for the Republic."
"I agree, my friend, but what choice do we have? The Hutts control the Outer Rim, and we'll need their spacelanes in order to move our troops."
―Sheev Palpatine and Mace Windu[10]

During the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine received a request for aid from the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

During the Battle of Christophsis, Palpatine along with Windu, Koon and Unduli watched a holo-message from Jabba the Hutt asking for help in locating his recently kidnapped son, Rotta on the office's holoprojector. Together, the group crossed the room as they discussed how the Republic needed the usage of the Hutt's space lines in the Outer Rim to move its troops. Windu stated that there was more to the kidnapping to which the Chancellor suggested they send as many Jedi as needed to investigate. As they reached the entrance, Windu stated the only Jedi available were Skywalker and Kenobi.[10]

A short time later, Palpatine was contacted by Jabba and demanded to know why the Jedi were not looking for his son. Senators Kharrus and Onaconda Farr stood behind Palpatine as the Chancellor assured the Hutt that the Jedi were on their way.[10]

Jedi General Kenobi reported Count Dooku's plot to the Chancellor's office.

After the Battle of Teth, Kenobi contacted the Chancellor's office. At his desk, Palpatine and Yoda listened as Kenobi informed them that Anakin had made it to Tatooine but was still in danger. Kenobi went on to say that everything had to have been Dooku's doing in order to have the Hutt Clans join the Separatists. Amidala entered the office after Kenobi ended his message. After exchanging pleasantries with Yoda, Amidala made her way up to the Palpatine who proceeded to inform her of Skywalker's current predicament. Dismayed at what she was told, Amidala stated she would persuade Jabba to sign the treaty with the Republic and turned to leave. Palpatine tried to get the senator to reconsider her plans and informed her that Jabba was not accepting communications from the Republic. Amidala stated she would go see Jabba's uncle to see about reopening negations and made her way out of the office as Palpatine warned her that the Hutts were vile gangsters.[10]

Mystery weapon[]

The Jedi apprised Chancellor Palpatine of the Separatists' new secret weapon.

Palpatine approached the office's holoprojector as holograms of Yoda, Windu and Kenobi were discussing the Separatist's new secret weapon. Palpatine asked of there had been any news about Koon or his fleet after they had been attacked by the weapon in the Abregado system to which Windu said there had not been. Kenobi then responded that Skywalker had located the wreckage of the fleet and was looking for saviors. When asked by the Chancellor on whose authority Skywalker had done this, Kenobi stated that Skywalker had acted on his own authority and had taken his Padawan Ahsoka Tano with him.[11]

Holocron theft[]

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano reported directly to the Chancellor's office, but only Skywalker was invited by Palpatine.

Skywalker and Tano arrived at the Chancellor's office to update Palpatine about their mission to retrieve the Jedi holocron stolen by the bounty hunter Cad Bane.[12] Palpatine greeted Skywalker and Tano at the entrance to his office and welcomed Skywalker inside while leaving Tano outside. Palpatine discussed the brazen plot with Skywalker as he led them to office's window. As they reached the window, Skywalker stated that he believed someone else was behind the plot and that it was not Dooku. After asking who that might be and Skywalker replied he did not know, Palpatine put his hand on Skywalker's shoulder and told him to be patient as they looked out the office window.[13]

Threat of Death Watch[]

Duchess Satine Kryze received an audience with Chancellor Palpatine in his office.

After surviving an assassination attempt, the Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze met with Palpatine and Mas Amedda in the Chancellor's office. Two Senate Commandos stood guard at the office's entrance as Kryze sat across from the Chancellor and questioned why an investigation was not going to be made in to the incident. Palpatine informed her that there was no actual proof the speeder had been tempered with and that it most like had just been a simple accident. Kryze was adamant in her view to which Amedda turned around and stated it proved that the Republic needed to intervene on Mandalore and reign in Death Watch. After Kryze voiced her disapproval of such an action, Palpatine informed her that the motion was up to the Senate and assured her that they would make a thoughtful decision.[14]

Amidala, Kenobi and Skywalker, met with Palpatine and Amedda in the Chancellor's office after new evidence revealed Mandalore did not need Republic assistance. The Chancellor expressed his relief that the occupation of Mandalore was no longer necessary to which Amidala replied Kryze deserved the credit. Kryze entered the office stating she did not require the credit as two of her royal guards stood outside the office's entrance. As the Duchess approached the group, Amidala informed her that Republic forces had been ordered to stand down. Palpatine offered Kryze a sincere apology on behalf of the Republic and expressed his gratitude for her being a loyal servant. Amidala then led the Chancellor and Amedda out of the office to discuss ratifying the Senate's decision with Skywalker following them.[14]

Kryze and Kenobi remained alone in the office. Kryze expressed her gratitude for Kenobi's aid but the Jedi said it was all due to the Duchess' devotion to her people. However Kryze added there were still too many questions and they had no idea who truly was behind it all. Kenobi agreed with her and stated that the line between friend and foe was becoming more blurred as ever as the two turned and looked out the office's window.[14]

Proposal for peace[]

Senator Padmé Amidala informed Chancellor Palpatine of the peace accord.

After returning from their secret mission to Raxus Secundus, Padmé and Ahsoka arrived at the Chancellor's office to inform Palpatine and him of the proposed peace proposal offered by the Separatist Parliament. Palpatine had been enjoying a drink with Mas Amedda with at least one Senate Guard standing guard in the office. Setting his drink down on the tray, the Chancellor walked the Senator across the office, reminding her of all the previous attempts of peace with the Separatist had failed. Taking Palpatine to the side, Padmé explained the proposal was genuine and had originated with her former colleague Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri. After agreeing to have the proposal put to the Senate, Palpatine turned and made his way back to where Amedda was standing.[15]

Principals of democracy[]

Palpatine and Mas Amedda discussed their political strategy in the privacy of the Chancellor's office.

After Senator Amidala delivered a speech against the bill to increase the number of clone troopers, Palpatine sat in his darken office looking out the window. Turning his chair away from the window, the Chancellor lamented on how a single senator's words could sway the thoughts of millions despite one having all the power in the galaxy. As he spoke, he rose from the chair and made his way from his desk as Mas Amedda approached him. Amedda asked what he planned to handle the situation, Palpatine informed him that must follow the principals of their democracy as he turned and made his way towards the window. Looking from the window before back to Amedda, Palpatine stated that the wheels of the Senate had to be allowed to turn before looking back to the window.[16]

Senate murders[]

The senators gathered in the Chancellor's office after the assassination of Onaconda Farr.

Following the death of Senator Onaconda Farr, Senator Amidala along with Farr's aide, Lolo Purs were informed by a Senate guard that the Chancellor requested their presence in his chambers. Two guards escorted them to the office where they found Senators Bail Organa, Mon Mothma and Orn Free Taa waiting with Palpatine and Mas Amedda along with several police droids. Palpatine informed Padmé that Lieutenant Tan Divo wished to question them about Farr's death which he revealed had been murder.[17]

Palpatine moved to the other side of the office as Amedda and Taa moved towards the Chancellor's desk. Padmé and Purs sat on an office couch with Mon Mothma while Senator Organa remained standing as Divo started to question them about who would most want to kill Farr. As Divo revealed Farr had most likely been poisoned, moved up to the upper level of the office and moved about as Padmé started to pose possible reasons why Farr had been killed. Divo made his way down the office side steps and towards the office entrance informing the Senator he would solve Farr's death while they stayed focused on governing. As the lieutenant his droids left, Palpatine crossed the office commenting how the whole ordeal was inconceivable.[17]

Senator Amidala disarmed Farr's murderer, Lolo Purs, who tried to escape from the Chancellor's office.

Divo gather everyone in the Chancellor's office as he questioned Kaminoan Senator Halle Burtoni after Lolo claimed Burtoni had tried to kill her. As he moved about the center of the office, Divo stated his case for Burtoni being the culprit not just behind Farr's murder but the murder of Senator Mee Deechi as well. After revealing that Farr's drink had been laced with a poison that had killed Farr was developed by Kaminoan scientist, Divo had his guards escort Burtoni out of the office. However Padmé stated that Lolo would have been killed as well which lead her to realize Lolo had not taken a drink at all.[17]

Exposed, Lolo aimed a pistol at took Padmé and took her hostage. As they backed up towards the entrance, Lolo stated she had killed Farr because he had brought war to their planet. At the office door, Lolo pushed Padmé away. Dive discreetly activated his guards outside the office as Lolo confessed. Distracted by the office door opening, Padmé knocked the blaster out of Lolo's hand and punched her in the face. Mon Mothma and Organa comforted Padmé in the entrance way while Palpatine, Amedda, and Taa came up from behind and Divo and his guards arrested Lolo.[17]

Sensing Maul[]

Amedda reported to Chancellor Palpatine, who ordered the Vice Chair to prepare his ship for departure.

Chancellor Palpatine stood before the office widow, eyes closed deep in meditation. He was alone with the exception of the two Red guards who stood on either side of the office entrance. As he meditated, Palpatine felt disturbance in the force which caused him adopt a grim expression. As he opened his eyes, Mas Amedda entered the office and stopped in the entranceway, answering the Chancellor's summons. Looking slightly over his shoulder, Palpatine ordered the Vice Chair to have his ship prepared. As Amedda left to carry out his orders, the Chancellor turned his attention back out the window with narrowed eyes and a dark expression on his face.[18]

A tragedy[]

Shaak Ti informed Palpatine of the death of clone trooper CT-5385.

Shaak Ti and Doctor Nala Se contacted Palpatine by hologram at his office to inform the Chancellor of the death of clone trooper CT-5385. Their holograms were projected from the holoprojector in the chancellor's desk. As Shaak Ti spoke, Palpatine moved past his chair and placed a hand on it, swiveling it sideways as the he made his way to look out the office window. After Shaak Ti suggested that the Jedi examine CT-5385's tumor at the Jedi Temple, Palpatine turned and sat down his chair and faced the Shaak Ti and Se's holograms, suggesting that the examination could be done at the Grand Republic Medical Facility on Courscant. Even though she stated the request came directly from the Jedi Council, Shaak Ti was coerced into agreeing with Se and the Chancellor. After the transmission had ended, Palpatine leaned forward as he brought his fingers together in a steeple gesture.[19]

Time of the Empire[]

Master and apprentice[]

Darth Vader returned to Darth Sidious after completing his early trials as a Sith apprentice.

Emperor Palpatine sat in his chair as Moff Wilhuff Tarkin stood to his right and Mas Amedda stood to his left. Two Imperial Royal guards stood at attention between the holoprojector on lower level of the office. The Emperor sat leaning over with his chin resting on his folded hands as Tarkin reported on progress of the construction of the Death Star. As Amedda asked about the progress of the station's super laser, the Emperor looked up as the two guards activated their Force pikes and started to assume combat stance. Suddenly the guards were hurled across the room and were slammed into the office window, cracking it. Both Amedda and Tarkin were at a loss as to what was happening while the Emperor remained calm. A heavily battered and damaged Darth Vader entered the office and made his way towards the Emperor.[2]

The Emperor ordered Amedda and Tarkin to leave though Tarkin was hesitant to do so, concerned for the Emperor's safety. Smiling, the Emperor assured the Moff he was safe and again ordered him and Amedda to leave the office which they did. Alone, Vader stood before his master who remained seated, looking at his apprentice over his folded hands. Finally, the Emperor spoke and addressed Vader as apprentice. Vader replied by addressing the Emperor as master, igniting his lightsaber, revealing its new crimson blade much to the Emperor's delight.[2]


Darth Vader explaining the need for consequences.

After concluding the reasoning for the series of assassination attempts on his life, Darth Vader approached his master in the office. The Emperor sat on his throne and asked his apprentice if he was sure that his deduction was correct. Vader assured his master that the attacks were due to the Imperial officers not understanding how he wielded the power of the Emperor. Palpatine asked his apprentice if he was positive there was no other way to address his claim.Standing before his master, Vader stated that there had to be consequences and that he would kill all officers if he was not allowed to take some now to serve as an example. Leaning forward, the Emperor granted Vader's request with the condition that Tarkin be spared as he had further use of the man.[3]


A cutaway of the Chancellor's office at the time of the Clone Wars

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