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The Emperor's physician was Emperor Palpatine's personal medical care provider during his return in the form of several clone bodies.


Despite the prestige of his position, the physician became complacent and wished more power and wealth for himself. Taking a very large bribe from Carnor Jax, an Imperial Guardsman, he tampered with all of the Emperor's remaining clones causing them to age much faster than was normal. In a final act of betrayal, the physician sabotaged the genetic source material making it impossible to create new clones without the defect.

In a quest to find a fresh clone body, Palpatine left Byss to try and inhabit the body of Princess Leia's newborn son Anakin. The physician was brought along. In an attempt to throw his spirit into the baby, Palpatine's spirit was trapped by Empatojayos Brand and he finally surrendered to the abyss. Seeing Palpatine finally perish at the hand of the rebels brought great guilt upon the physician. He was captured by Luke Skywalker and his fellows, and confessed his part in the conspiracy. Unbeknownst to him, an Imperial Royal Guard heard the confession and brought the news, including the treachery of Carnor Jax, to the remaining guards on Yinchorr.

Behind the scenes[]

Some fans have identified the Emperor's physician with Sigit Ranth, but this has never been mentioned in any canonical source and is strictly fanon. Note that although the physician was indeed Palpatine's primary care provider, he was a physician, not a Clone Master; that role belonged to the Constable of Homunculi, still another separate character.



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