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Emperor Palpatine's shuttle was an extremely well-guarded Lambda-class shuttle.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Emperor Palpatine exiting his shuttle

The shuttle featured a cloaking device and was marked by a grey stripe on its nose.[1] It was presumably crewed only by a limited number of the Emperor's Royal Guardsmen.

History[edit | edit source]

Emperor Palpatine used it often on trips throughout the galaxy.

Palpatine's shuttle was hit at least once in its career with the Emperor inside, in a premature (and inadvertent) shooting by attempted assassin Raygar. Raygar had been attempting to aim at the pod of a couple of Ewoks, Latara and Teebo; Raygar was punished by the Emperor for "high treason" after the incident, with the latter personally delivering it.[2]

During the Battle of Korriban. Renegade Squadron are tasked to steal a data pack aboard Palpatine's shuttle during the latter's pilgrimage at Korriban. Which is one of the ambush plans in preparation for the Battle of Endor.

Palpatine disembarks his shuttle onto the second Death Star.

He used the shuttle to reach the second Death Star orbiting over Endor. Upon arrival, it disembarked at Hangar 272, with the Imperials honoring his arrival with air parades outside the station and the personnel, including a large amount of technicians, droids and military personnel standing at attention regarding their leader's arrival. The shuttle was destroyed when the battlestation was destroyed during the Battle of Endor.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Return of the Jedi radio dramatization states that Luke Skywalker escaped the second Death Star in Palpatine's shuttle. The novel The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader counters this by stating that the escape was made in Darth Vader's shuttle. Starships of the Galaxy states that Palpatine's shuttle was destroyed with the second Death Star, confirming that Luke did not use this ship. In addition, in the film itself, the shuttle in question lacked the gray stripe on its front, and the ship under close inspection was seen leaving from a small docking bay rather than the larger one, further confirming that the shuttle in question was not Palpatine's ship.

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