"I think I could build something to do this—though I could bank the money and live off it for the rest of my life instead"
―Kell Tainer[src]

The Empion mine was a deep-space mine designed to pull ships from hyperspace and disable them.

The mine consisted of five components: an array of sensors to detect ships in hyperspace; a mass shadow gravity well projector to pull them from lightspeed; an electromagnetic charge to disable electronics; an ion projector, which created a sustained ion beam to disable vessels; and a hyperwave transceiver to report detonations to the minelayer.

Following the evacuation of the Folor training base, Wraith Squadron was struck by an Empion mine laid out by the CR90 corvette Night Caller along one of the probable escape routes from the moon. However, in the time taken for the corvette to arrive and capture its quarry, the newly-formed squadron managed to plot a successful attempt to capture the ship. The Wraiths then traveled in the corvette to recover the other mines to prevent other New Republic forces from being struck by the weapons.