Empire's End 1: Triumph of the Empire was the first issue of the two-part Empire's End series of comics. It was released on October 24, 1995 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The Emperor is back—and this time he's out for blood! Following his battle with Luke Skywalker in Dark Empire II, Emperor Palpatine was forced to occupy an inferior clone-body. That body is now aging rapidly, and Palpatine's final, irrevocable end is near unless he can infuse his line of clones with genetic material from a Jedi bloodline. His target: Han and Leia's youngest child, Anakin!

Opening crawlEdit

Triumph of the Empire
With the birth of Leia and Han's third child, Anakin Solo, Luke Skywalker feels a surge of hope for the future of the Jedi Knights.

But it is a dark time for the Rebel Alliance: deploying Umak Leth's new terror weapon, Emperor Palpatine has once again asserted his technological dominance over the galaxy.

No planet, no space fleet, is safe from the destructive power of lightspeed projectiles that can set off nucleonic chain reactions anywhere in the galaxy.

In a demonstration of power, Pinnacle Moon and its Rebel Command Base have been destroyed by the weapon, and the Alliance has been driven into hiding.

Numerous systems sympathetic to the Rebel cause have rapidly capitulated to this new Imperial threat of total annihilation.

Secreted on the Nespis VIII space city, Mon Motha and her generals vow to fight on. Troopships and heavy armor are directed against Imperial supply ports and shipyards . . . and, without success, against the Galaxy Gun itself.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker and his small band of Jedi have the critical task of protecting Leia's children, who are the future of the Jedi. Most urgently, Luke and the Jedi hope to draw the Emperor into a face-to-face confrontation that will end his dark reign - and restore peace to the galaxy - for all time to come.


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