Empire's End 2: Rage of the Emperor was the second and final issue of the Star Wars: Empire's End series of comics. It was released November 28, 1995 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Death stalks Emperor Palpatine! The Emperor's aging process is rapidly accelerating and his doom is foretold by the oracle stone. The key to his problem, the solution to his aging, is close at hand; Han and Leia's youngest child, Anakin, can reverse the process. Palpatine must kidnap young Anakin and claim the boy's body as his own! But for the sake of their son, and for the sake of the galaxy, Han and Leia cannot let that happen—even if it means losing their own lives.

Opening crawl[]

Rage of the Emperor
Emperor Palpatine is determined to rebuild his line of clones with the Jedi blood of the Ysanna shamans and of Leia Organa Solo's children. But his last clone body is rapidly nearing its end, its life span shortened by the volcanic anger he feels toward the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance.

Vowing to bring the Rebel Alliance to its knees, Palpatine launches hyperspace projectiles against Rebel troopships . . . and against the Rebel Command Base on the ancient Nespis VIII space city.

Thanks to a faulty timing mechanism, the Alliance leaders are able to evacuate Nespis VIII seconds before it is annihilated. To further avoid the Galaxy Gun's deadly precision, the Rebel fleet is forced to disperse throughout the galaxy.

As Han and Leia prepare to take their family once again into exile, for Jedi Knights - Luke Skywalker, Kam Solusar, Empatojayos Brand, and Rayf Ysanna - journey to Ossus to confer with the Ysanna Chief, Okko, about setting up a secret command base on the planet. They arrive moments after Okko and the other shamans are seized by Imperial dark-side warriors for use in the Emperor's cloning experiments.

Tracking the kidnappers to their refuge on the lifeless planet Vjun, the four Jedi defeat the darksiders in a climactic battle . . . and find Okko and his companions frozen in carbonite. In the name of all the Jedi, Luke vows to hunt down the Emperor and put and end, once and for all, to his cruel reign over the Galaxy.

But Luke's vow will be difficult to accomplish. With two of his adepts, Palpatine has journeyed to Korriban, a world of the ancient Sith, seeking healing for flesh ravaged by the energies of his dark power.


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