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You may be looking for the canon comics miniseries Star Wars: Target Vader.

Empire 19: Target: Vader is the nineteenth issue in the Star Wars: Empire series of comics. It was published on May 12, 2004 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Having failed to locate the Rebels' new base after the destruction of the Death Star, Vader sets out to redeem himself by strong-arming his underworld contacts for information about the Alliance. But other deeds from Vader's past return to haunt him as a group of aliens attempt to kill the Sith Lord as revenge for a slaughter he perpetrated on their homeworld.

Fighting vengeful aliens is all in a day's work. The real challenge for Vader is coming to terms with the man he once was, and the "monster" he has become…

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Darth Vader arrives on Void Station, an asteroid city, seeking the Bothan information broker Jib Kopatha. Vader complains that Kopatha has not provided the Empire with any information other than speculations for several months. To re-establish the Empire's faith in him, Vader says, Kopatha must provide him with information regarding the Rebel Alliance. Kopatha complies, and tries to persuade Vader to stay in the city for a few days, offering him various delicate foods and women, but is turned down. As Vader walks back to the hangar to leave, A Falleen female named Xora approaches him, promising him information about the Rebels. Vader follows her into a seemingly empty room, where he is attacked by several Falleen, seeking revenge for his massacre of an entire city on the planet Falleen. He kills them, and leaves.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Originally, Star Wars: Empire 19 was incorrectly placed five months after the Battle of Yavin although the Evacuation of Yavin (mentioned in the story) took place six months after the Battle of Yavin according to most sources, including The New Essential Chronology. The mistake has been corrected with the release of Star Wars Omnibus: At War with the Empire Volume 1.

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