Empire 26: "General" Skywalker, Part 1 is the twenty-sixth issue in the Star Wars: Empire series of comics. It was published on November 10, 2004 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Luke Skywalker and the Red Squadron are flying escort for a secret Rebel intelligence operation on a supposedly unpopulated planet, when they run into an unexpected Imperial patrol. With half the squad trapped on the ground, and the secrecy of the mission in peril, things don't look like they could get any worse for the Rebels. But then Luke makes a discovery that hearkens back to the galaxy's last major conflict—the Clone Wars—and it's a surprise that could either save them, or destroy them!

Another groundbreaking story that helps to tie the prequel films to the original Trilogy—in a way that will surprise and excite Star Wars fans of every generation!

Plot summary[]

Being part of the Rebel Alliance is not all rescuing princesses and flying
missions against the Death Star. Carrying on the fight against the Galactic
Empire requires gathering intel about enemy's movements and plans - a
job that is rightly assigned to the men and women of the Alliance Intelligence
Corps. Which means that sometimes the ace pilots of Red Squadron are
relegated to flying escort for uneventful recon missions...

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