Empire 29: In the Shadows of Their Fathers, Part 1 is the twenty-ninth issue in the Star Wars: Empire series of comics. It was published on February 23, 2005 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

With its mines played out and the planet nearly stripped of its valuable ore, the Empire's interest in Jabiim is waning. But Emperor Palpatine is not willing to allow Jabiimi rebels to forcibly boot the last of his stormtroopers off the planet. The harder they fight, the tighter the Imperial grip becomes.

Help arrives in the form of the Rebel Alliance, which is hoping to convince the fiercely independent Jabiimi to join their galaxywide cause. But Rebel hero Luke Skywalker doesn't realize he's walking in his father's tainted footsteps—or that the name "Skywalker" may earn him a death sentence from his would be allies!

Plot summary[]

Decades after the Clone Wars, Emperor Palpatine is not willing to withdraw the last of his troops from Jabiim despite the repeated harassment of the local Jabiimite rebels. Jabiim's ore supplies are dwindling because of Imperial over-mining. The Rebel Alliance dispatches a task force lead by Luke Skywalker to support the Jabiimi. However, as he sets foot on the planet, he realizes has stepped into his father's shadow. As a Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker had betrayed the Jabiimi Loyalists, and the locals did not forget or forgive.


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