The Empire Forever was an Imperial CR90 corvette that served as Imperial Advisor Coh Veshiv's flagship under the command of Captain Annance. Veshiv used the corvette during his tour away from the planet Coruscant after the Advisor was dispatched for irritating Emperor Palpatine himself. The Empire Forever was present at the planet Esseles in 0 ABY for Veshiv's transfer to the Imperial EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit; however, the Far Orbit was actually a Rebel Alliance privateer vessel, and the crew of the ship kidnapped the unsuspecting Veshiv.


The Empire Forever was a CR90 corvette produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, and it measured 150 meters in length. Capable of reaching speeds up to 1,000 kilometers per hour in a planetary atmosphere, the Empire Forever also boasted a Class 2 hyperdrive, as well as sensors, a deflector shield generator, and a navigation computer. The corvette was modified for speed and durability, and was armed with six double turbolaser cannons, three at the front, one on each side, and one at the aft.

The ship had a cargo capacity of 3,000 metric tons and could carry supplies enough to last its crew of forty, including its twelve gunners, for eight months. Possessing room for eighteen passengers and equipped with life support, the ship usually brought along ten stormtrooper guards, two aides, and six TIE Series starfighter pilots to crew the Empire Forever's complement of half a dozen TIE/LN starfighters, which were housed in the corvette's docking area; the hangar could also hold the shuttle Myrenia. The Empire Forever could operate with a skeleton crew of fifteen if needed. Additionally, the vessel had recreational areas, such as an arboretum featuring plant life from Imperial Advisor Coh Veshiv's homeworld, as well as force fields and sensors that inhibited boarders.[1]


Coh Veshiv annoys Captain Annance aboard the Empire Forever.

The Empire Forever served as an Imperial vessel[1] around 0 ABY,[2] during the Galactic Empire's struggle against the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the Galactic Civil War. Imperial Advisor Coh Veshiv traveled aboard the Empire Forever, using the corvette as his flagship, when he was sent away from the planet Coruscant, ostensibly on a fact-finding mission; in reality, Veshiv had been dispatched because he had irritated Emperor Palpatine himself. Under the command of Captain Annance, the Empire Forever was ordered to remain out of combat as it ferried Veshiv about.[1]

Veshiv was not pleased that the ship he traveled aboard was a mere CR90 corvette. During the course of the Empire Forever's journey, Veshiv began to complain that he wanted at least a cruiser to be his ship of transport, not a corvette. Three months into their voyage—during which Veshiv had managed to thoroughly annoy the patient Annance—the corvette arrived at the planet Esseles.[1]

At Esseles, the Empire Forever was approached by the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit, an Imperial ship by design under the command of Captain Dhas Fenoep Vedij. Hailing the corvette, Vedij claimed that his ship had orders to take Veshiv, replacing the Empire Forever as the Advisor's transport. Glad to be rid of Veshiv and believing the orders were true, Annance sent Veshiv over to the Far Orbit in the Advisor's personal Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, Myrenia, alongside his two aides, Vestig and Pich, as well as Veshiv's stormtrooper guards. However, the Far Orbit was actually a privateer vessel for the Alliance, and once the frigate had jumped to hyperspace, they captured Veshiv. The advisor's guards failed in their attempt to contact the Empire Forever for help as they were overwhelmed.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

The Empire Forever was helmed by Captain Annance, a patient man. By the time the Empire Forever met the Far Orbit near Esseles, Annance was nonetheless quite annoyed by Coh Veshiv.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Empire Forever appeared in The Capture of Coh Veshiv, written by Timothy S. O'Brien and published in 1998's The Far Orbit Project. A supplement to West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, The Far Orbit Project served as a sequel of sorts to the previous publication, Pirates & Privateers, carrying on that book's theme by following the Far Orbit's adventures.[source?]

Although it is possible for the Imperials aboard the Far Orbit to contact the Empire Forever after the privateers try to capture them, this article assumes they failed in this matter because the book seems to indicate that they never got a communication out. Furthermore, although the scenario states that the Empire Forever's skeleton complement for gunners was 30, this number is clearly inaccurate, as it is greater than the amount for the gunners at full crew. Therefore, this article does not show the skeleton complement of gunners for the Empire Forever.[source?]


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