Empress Teta's Crown Jewels

Empress Teta in her Crown Jewels.

The Crown Jewels of Empress Teta were a collection of weapons, armor and jewelry worn by Teta during the Unification Wars and Hyperspace War of 5000 BBY.

Empress Teta symbol

Symbol worn on Empress Teta's armor and on the hull of her fleet ships

The empress wore a set of two fighting knives and battle armor even when not in battle because of the constant threat of assassination. During the coup which brought the Krath into power, a loyalist of the old dynasty stole the artifacts and hid them in the system. Only a few of the Jewels were recovered by the Krath, but over the ensuing millennia, most of them had been discovered. As of 11 ABY, the Crown Jewels were considered a Wonder of the Galaxy, and the only major missing pieces were Teta's knives. The Tetan Royal Family offered a reward of 1 million credits to anyone who could return the knives to them.


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