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The Empress Teta system or Teta system, named for Empress Teta, contained the planet of Empress Teta (formerly Koros Major). It was formerly known as the Koros system, and was colonized by Coruscanti explorers on generation ships.[9] One of the places in the galaxy where carbonite could be found, its discovery brought up the technology of sleeper ships.

By the time of the Great Sith War, the system's many conquests had left it prosperous and powerful, but also bloated, over-stretched and corrupt.

Concurrent with the rise of Exar Kun as Dark Lord of the Sith, the capital city of Empress Teta, Cinnagar, fell under the influence of a cult devoted to the Dark side of the Force known as the Krath. Led by the spoiled nobleman Satal Keto and his cousin Aleema, they murdered their parents and instigated a fierce civil war, clashing with interventionist forces from the Galactic Republic and opportunistic Mandalorians eager to make the system the target of a new crusade.

The history of the system was recorded in the Tedryn Holocron.

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The planet Kirrek is in the Empress Teta system, but was accidentally not included in the system information presented on the Wizards of the Coast website. According to Daniel Wallace, it should be understood as an older name for one of the other planets of the system, just as Koros Major was an older name for Empress Teta itself.[source?]



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