"I've been down to Enceri, and there's a lot of talk about opportunities."
A'den Skirata[1]

Enceri was a remote town on the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. A small and relatively unimportant town compared to the likes of Mandalore's capital, Keldabe, Enceri was mainly a trading post and served as the nearest supply settlement to Kyrimorut, a refuge for clone deserters from the Galactic Republic's Grand Army and the home of the Mandalorian Skirata clan. Enceri managed to avoid the Imperial presence suffered by much of Mandalore during the Empire's reign, and in the year 40 ABY, a lode of beskar metal ore was found just north of Enceri, spawning an economical period of growth for Mandalore.


Enceri was a small, remote town, even by Mandalore's standards,[2] and not nearly as large as Mandalore's capital, Keldabe,[1] or the New Mandalorians' capital city, Sundari.[3] Still, to those living in and around Enceri, the town proved a valuable trading post in the northern regions of the planet. Most of the Enceri's residents spoke the Mandalorian language Mando'a, and the small town had adapted a market day held in its sizable marketplace, where five-liter containers of the alcoholic beverage tihaar could be purchased; steady rain was known to regularly turn the marketplace into a soaking quagmire. A grain silo stood as a landmark on the edge of the town, and Enceri was also home to a cantina which served pints of the Mandalorian alcoholic beverage, ne'tra gal, along with bowls of gi dumpling or red gourd soup.[1]


"There's a crew a hundred klicks north of Enceri still doing test drills, but it looks like a big, big lode that was exposed."
Medrit Vasur[2]

Located in the northern regions of the planet Mandalore, Enceri was a trading post that grew into a small town over time. Considered a backwater settlement by most, Enceri was nonetheless a place of commerce and a gathering place for nearby Mandalorians.[1]

In the year 20 BBY—nine hundred and seventy-three days after the Battle of Geonosis and the start of the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars—the former clone commando, Fi Skirata, ventured into Enceri to meet with his girlfriend, Parja Bralor. The two also met the future Mand'alor, Fenn Shysa, in an Enceri cantina during their visit. Around this time, several other members of Fi's clan traveled to Enceri from their nearby home, Kyrimorut, in order to gather supplies and information.[1]

Enceri's small size and remote nature shielded it from the Imperial presence suffered by much of Mandalore during the Galactic Empire's reign, as it was overlooked by the occupation force.[4] In the year 40 ABY, Enceri's relative unimportance came to an abrupt end. In the wake of the ravages the Yuuzhan Vong inflicted upon Mandalore during the Yuuzhan Vong War, then Mand'alor Boba Fett called for two million Mandalorians living throughout the galaxy to make a return to Mandalore in order to aid in its reconstruction. While entering Mandalore's orbit, a Mandalorian minerals engineer and geologist performed a number of scans which they compared to older geological charts. Upon taking a closer inspection on their downward approach, the two discovered an untapped vein of beskar iron ore, which had been untouched by the Galactic Empire's strip-mining operations and exposed by the Vong's singularity ordnance strikes. Mining was soon underway near Enceri's outskirts, headed by site foreman Herik Vorad, and the lode of beskar drawn from the new mines pushed Mandalore into a period of economic growth.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Enceri was first introduced to Star Wars canon via a mention in the 2007 novel, Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice, by author Karen Traviss. Traviss would later fully feature Enceri as a location in her fourth entry of the Republic Commando series of novels, Order 66: A Republic Commando Novel. Enceri was again mentioned in the sequel to Order 66, Imperial Commando: 501st. The 2008 reference book, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, gave Enceri a brief informational entry.



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