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"There is an encryption module aboard this Separatist dreadnaught. This device is scrambling all Separatist communication in the region."
Mace Windu[src]

An encryption module (also known as a decryption module[1]) was an encryption device used to encode messages sent over comlink or through subspace. Encryption modules were typically attached to comlinks or subspace transceivers and allowed for secure communications.


The encryption module was a device capable of encoding communications in entire regions of space. It was a palm-sized device, able to be transported easily.


The Confederacy of Independent Systems developed the encryption module and began using it around 20 BBY. A Providence-class carrier/destroyer commanded by the super tactical droid Aut-O was entrusted with the first encryption module, allowing General Grievous to encrypt his tactical communications in the region. When Republic Intelligence officers intercepted one of Grievous's transmissions, they were unable to decode the audio. In response, the Galactic Republic's D-Squad was sent to retrieve the module from Aut-O's Providence-class carrier/destroyer.

Gascon holds the module in his hands.

After a short skirmish in zero gravity, Meebur Gascon and his team obtained the module. With Aut-O defeated, D-Squad made its way back to its ship and escaped from the capital ship with module.

After encountering comets that caused their shuttle to crash, D-Squad almost lost the module. Fortunately R2-D2 found the device. The module remained in the droid's possession during D-Squad's stay on the planet Abafar. R2 used the module to persuade the Zilkin colonel to follow him into the Void.

Eventually, D-Squad got out of the Void and reached the town of Pons Ora. There, Gascon recruited a clone with amnesia called Gregor to help his team get to a Nu-class attack shuttle. Gregor sacrificed himself so the droids could get to the Republic cruiser orbiting the planet and take the module to the Republic.

The team thought they had reached a safe place and were ready to give the acquired module to a group of clone officers on the bridge. As Gascon was handing the module to one of the officers, it fell through his hand. All the crew were holograms. The cruiser turned out to be hijacked by the Separatists and had been turned into a giant bomb full of rhydonium. The team survived many obstacles on the ship in their efforts to keep the module safe and out of Separatist hands.

When D-Squad met with surviving Republic droids, a plan was devised to stop the cruiser. R2-D2 had to blow up the ship after it came out of hyperspace, and the rest of D-Squad had to make it to the shuttle. The module was on Gascon's back at the time.

Everything went according to plan. After reaching its destination, everybody except R2 made it to the shuttle and flew off, but R2-D2 stayed behind and triggered the detonator. The cruiser with all the rhydonium was destroyed, and R2 survived. Thanks to D-Squad, the encryption module ended its long voyage in Republic authority.



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