This article is about the transport operated by the Loose Cannon Pirates. You may be looking for the End Run that was used in the Cularin system.

End Run was a Xiytiar-class transport operated by the Loose Cannon pirates.

During a skirmish with the Azzameen family, End Run was used to transport the bacta lure. While pumping the cargo from End Run to the Vasudra's storage tanks, the pirate gang sprang their trap. Unfortunately for the gang, the well-armed Azzameens could not be subdued, and actually sent the pirate ships into retreat if not being destroyed. Only End Run remained, still connected to the Vasudra and unable to hyperspace out.

Despite Emon's wish to "space" them, Tomaas Azzameen agreed to spare the crew, so long as they gave the bacta to the Azzameens free of charge.



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