"We lost the ship, and a lot of good people. And for what?"
―Carth Onasi[3]

The Endar Spire was a Hammerhead-class cruiser that served with the Galactic Republic Navy during the Jedi Civil War. In 3956 BBY, it was assigned to Jedi Knight Bastila Shan and crewed by, among others, veteran commander Carth Onasi, Ensign Trask Ulgo, Revan, and several Republic soldiers. It was part of a larger Jedi battle fleet, designed to stop the invading fleets of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Malak's Sith Empire.

While orbiting the planet of Taris, the Endar Spire was attacked by Malak's Sith. Part of the Dark Lord's forces, led by Darth Bandon, boarded the ship aiming to capture Shan alive. Those Sith troopers and Dark Jedi killed most of the Endar Spire's crew, while Sith warships and starfighters kept the ship intact as the boarding team attempted to take Shan prisoner. Revan, Ulgo, and Onasi engaged the Sith and made their way to the ship's main bridge in search of Shan, who had already escaped. Shortly thereafter, Revan and Onasi got in an escape pod and fled as well, with Ulgo sacrificing himself so that Revan and Onasi would survive. Realizing that Shan was no longer aboard the ship, the Sith fleet opened fire on the Endar Spire, completely destroying it.


The Endar Spire was a Hammerhead-class cruiser in the navy of the Galactic Republic.[3] It was manufactured by Rendili Hyperworks. At 315 meters long, the ship was armed with four double light turbolaser batteries, two medium turbolaser batteries, two point-defense laser cannon batteries, and a tractor beam battery.[1] The ship's deckplan was an identical to another Hammerhead-class cruiser, the Harbinger.[4] The engines, bow, and dorsal side were painted red, while the main body was predominantly white in color.[3]

The Endar Spire's crew included Republic soldiers, which could defend the ship against enemy boarding teams.[3] Many of these soldiers, the ship's Commander, the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, one Jedi Master, and at least two other Jedi were present when the Endar Spire was attacked by the Sith Empire[3] in 3956 BBY.[2] At the time of the attack, other members of the crew included Revan, who had lost the memories of his life as a Jedi Knight and Dark Lord of the Sith, as well as Republic Captain Carth Onasi and Ensign Trask Ulgo. The ship also contained at least one droid, which could be programmed for combat. The hallways of the Endar Spire were colored white, with maroon strips running across them while the floor was colored gray. The ship was lit by illuminated panels. A series of blast doors within the ship's corridors could be magnetically sealed to protect against an attack from an enemy boarding operation. Crew quarters were equipped to house two crewmen, but due to rotating shifts, it was rare for roommates to see each other. The Endar Spire's bridge, located in the bow of the ship, was home to the ship's navigation computer. Computer terminals lined the outside walls of the bridge, with a chair positioned in front of each one. A large viewport stretched around the front, port, and starboard sides of the bridge, providing a view into space in three directions.[3] The escape pods were located on the command deck, accessible from a door on the bridge. There were at least four escape pods aboard the vessel.[3]


Republic mission[]

"Now that you've signed on for this mission you're part of the Republic fleet. And Bastila needs all the troops at her side during this attack!"
Trask Ulgo[3]

During the Jedi Civil War, the Endar Spire was assigned to transport the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan. The amnesiac former Dark Lord of the Sith Revan was added to the crew at the advice of the Jedi Council, so that Shan could keep a vigilant watch over him, lest they successfully trigger the return of Revan's memories of the Star Forge, the superweapon used by the Sith Empire.[3] The Endar Spire was assigned to a larger Jedi battle fleet, whose goal was to defeat the Sith Empire's invasion fleet at the planet of Taris.[5]

Shan's battle meditation abilities had been vital to the war effort of the Republic. The leader of the Sith Empire, Darth Malak, believed that if he could take Shan alive he would be able to turn her to the dark side. The Sith discovered that Shan was on the Endar Spire and planned an ambush for the warship, though neither Malak nor the Sith knew Revan was on board at the time. The Sith flagship, Leviathan, was stationed above the ecumenopolis in order to pull the ship out of hyperspace and board it. The Endar Spire, transporting its crew, was oblivious to the planned ambush. When the Endar Spire was stagnated, the Sith boarded under the leadership of Malak's apprentice, Darth Bandon, with a force of Sith troopers and at least one Dark Jedi.[3]

Attack on the Endar Spire[]

"This is Carth Onasi—the Sith are threatening to overrun our position! We can't hold out long against their firepower! All hands to the bridge!"
Carth Onasi — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

When the Sith boarded, Republic soldiers on board swiftly engaged them. Revan was awoken by the noise of battle and by Ulgo. Revan, whose memory had been wiped, believed himself to be a normal Republic crewman who had been conscripted onto the Endar Spire prior to the mission. Meanwhile, Onasi called for all available Republic personnel to report to the bridge. While a Jedi engaged a Dark Jedi Bandon had led aboard, Ulgo and Revan hastened to obey Onasi's order. The Sith, wanting to ensure they captured Shan alive, were avoiding using firepower heavy enough to destroy the Endar Spire outright. Shan, realizing her imprisonment was the primary objective of the Sith attack, made her way to the starboard escape pods in an effort to guarantee the Sith lost their prize.[3]

Revan and Carth Onasi escape the Endar Spire.

When Revan and Ulgo reached the bridge, they found the last of the Republic soldiers aboard being cut down by a Sith squad. They killed the squad, but were faced by Darth Bandon. Ulgo, buying time for Revan to reach the escape pods and Onasi, who had just ordered the ship abandoned, engaged the Sith Apprentice, sacrificing himself for Revan's benefit. Revan, reaching the pods, entered the last capsule alongside Onasi, and escaped from the dying ship. By this time, Shan, as well as at least three Republic soldiers, had already abandoned ship. Realizing their target was no longer aboard, Bandon returned to the Sith fleet, and the Sith opened fire on the Endar Spire, destroying it seconds after Onasi's and Revan's capsule had jettisoned.[3]


"Old, old ship. Dreaming old dreams, I think."
Qyzen Fess[6]

The remains of the Endar Spire during the Cold War

The ship, though severely damaged, had recorded the subsequent Bombardment of Taris. The Endar Spire eventually crashed on the planet, likely after the bombardment. Surprisingly, the ship remained more-or-less intact. The remains of the Endar Spire were visited by generations of survivors, though not all of them were peaceful. As of the Great Galactic War, pirates had made their home around and in the remains of the Endar Spire.

In an attempt to obtain recordings of the Sith Bombardment of Taris, the Republic infiltrated the wreckage of the ship. In the end, the recordings were recovered by the Republic and they were used to prevent a disaster similar to Taris.

Behind the scenes[]

The Endar Spire first appeared in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, by BioWare. Encountered in the opening gameplay sequence, the player is given an introduction to the gameplay and timeline featured in the game aboard the Spire. Composed of two separate sets of maps and multiple rooms, the areas include the command deck, escape pod bay, and crew quarters. Unlike most environments encountered in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, there is very little the player can do to change the way he or she interacts with their surroundings aboard the Endar Spire.

The gameplay choices featured on the Endar Spire span only methods of killing enemies and different choices of speech to characters in the game. Nothing the player does will affect the fate of the Endar Spire or its crew in any way. Its second appearance, is encountered in the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The player, or group of players are given a mission to retrieve the data logs still held inside the ship, which has been taken over by scavengers.[3]

Though only the one ship is seen, Chronicles of the Old Republic Part XI states that the Endar Spire was part of a much larger Jedi battle fleet, whose purpose was to halt Darth Malak's invasion force at Taris; however, this fleet has not been mentioned since.[5]

The cutscene of the Endar Spire's destruction in Knights of the Old Republic shows the ship being completely vaporized, whereas in The Old Republic there is a mostly-intact crash site on the surface of Taris, seemingly invalidating the earlier game's depiction of the ship's fate.



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