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"Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived."
―Lieutenant Endicott[src]

Endicott, a Human male lieutenant of the Imperial Navy, served aboard the second Death Star battlestation as a docking bay technician by 4 ABY, a position he received after graduating third in his class from the prestigious Imperial Academy of Carida. Endicott oversaw the unexpected arrival of the Dark Lord Darth Vader's personal shuttle aboard the Death Star shortly before the Battle of Endor. He served in the Death Star's control room alongside battlestation commander Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod during the battle, witnessing the initial use of the Death Star's superlaser upon the attacking starships of the Rebel Alliance Fleet, and later relayed Jerjerrod's final command to use the Death Star to destroy the Forest Moon of Endor near the battle's climax, an order never carried out before the Death Star's own destruction.


"Sir, the deflector shield is down, and we've lost all contact with the generating station."
"Position the station to blow up the moon."
"Commence rotation of main batteries."
―Lieutenant Endicott and Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod, during the Battle of Endor[src]

The Human male Endicott was an orphan who attended the prestigious Academy of Carida,[2] the toughest Imperial training facility in the galaxy.[4] After graduating third in his class from the Academy, Endicott was offered a docking bay officer position on the second Death Star battlestation, in construction over the remote Forest Moon of Endor.[5]


Endicott reports to Commander Jerjerrod in the Death Star control room during the Battle of Endor.

In early 4 ABY,[6] Endicott, a lieutenant,[2] was on duty within the Death Star's control room, supervising a group of controllers monitoring the battlestation's surrounding space traffic, when he oversaw the arrival of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader's personal shuttle aboard one of the Death Star's hangars. Vader's visit came completely unannounced in an effort to remedy the Death Star's lagging construction schedule. Once Endicott realized that an approaching shuttle bearing a class-one priority ranking and requesting for the Death Star to deactivate its deflector shield was carrying the Dark Lord, he ordered Jad Bean, a nearby shield operator, to notify Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod, the Death Star's commander, of their distinguished guest's arrival. Endicott then proceeded to head toward the docking bay and Vader's shuttle.[7]

During the subsequent Battle of Endor, the climactic confrontation between the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Endicott was again present within the Death Star's control room, serving under Jerjerrod's direct command. He stood near Jerjerrod when Emperor Palpatine, also present aboard, issued the order for the Death Star to first fire its superlaser upon the attacking Alliance Fleet, revealing to the Rebels the battlestation's operational status.[1]

As the battle raged, the Emperor commanded Jerjerrod to use the Death Star to blow up the Endor moon should the Rebels succeed in destroying the shield generator there protecting the battlestation from direct assault, which indeed soon occurred.[7] Upon seeing that the shield was down, Endicott immediately notified Jerjerrod, adding that the Death Star had lost contact with the generating station. As instructed, Jerjerrod then ordered Endicott to position the Death Star to destroy the moon, which Endicott relayed to a nearby gunner.[3] Before Jerjerrod could execute the order to obliterate Endor, however, the Rebels instead destroyed the Death Star, killing the Emperor, Vader, and Jerjerrod in a sweeping victory.[7]

Personality and traitsEdit

―Endicott's surprised reaction to Darth Vader's arrival[src]

Endicott, a docking bay technician,[2] displayed a certain shock of recognition, exclaiming Darth Vader's name aloud to himself, upon realizing that the Dark Lord had suddenly and unexpectedly arrived aboard the Death Star.[7] Later, while Commander Jerjerrod held visible misgivings regarding the Emperor's directive to destroy Endor, and thereby kill the many Imperial personnel stationed on the moon, Endicott, by comparison, demonstrated no hesitation in relaying Jerjerrod's command to ready the Death Star for firing.[3]

Unlike many Imperial officers,[1][8][9] Endicott did not speak with a Coruscanti accent.[1] Endicott had brown hair,[1][3] blue eyes, and light skin.[1]


Lieutenant Endicott wore the black variant of the standard-issue Imperial officer's uniform, sans rank insignia, and a chrome utility belt during his service aboard the Death Star.[1]

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English actor Glyn Baker, pictured here at a 2013 fan convention, played Lieutenant Endicott in Return of the Jedi.

The Endicott character appears briefly, without name, in the opening scenes of the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi as the docking bay control officer who orders that Commander Jerjerrod be informed of Darth Vader's arrival aboard the Death Star. The character appears again, fleetingly, in the background of the battlestation's control room as the Death Star first fires its superlaser during the Battle of Endor.[1] Actor Glyn Baker portrayed Endicott in the film[10] without credit.[1] The Endicott character first appeared, unnamed, in the Return of the Jedi novelization, written by James Kahn[7] and published just prior to the film's theatrical release.[11]

Endicott was first identified by name and provided a brief backstory on the "Lieutenant Endicott" card as part of the July 2000 Death Star II Limited expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game.[2] The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008, later designated an individual entry for the Endicott character based on the original SWCCG information.[5]

Deleted sceneEdit

Endicott was originally slated to appear in an additional film scene in the Death Star's control room during the Battle of Endor alongside Jerjerrod, in which he informs Jerjerrod that the Endor shield generator protecting the Death Star has been destroyed, and then proceeds to relay Jerjerrod's subsequent command to prepare the battlestation to obliterate the moon. While this scene was filmed, it was ultimately cut from the final version of Return of the Jedi. This deleted scene was officially released as part of the 2011 Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray set.[3]

With regards to Star Wars Legends, Lucasfilm continuity manager Leland Chee stated on his blog that the deleted scenes of the six Star Wars films that have been publicly released are "G-canon," or "George Lucas Canon," meaning that the related material originated with Lucas and is therefore considered the highest tier of canonicity, unless the deleted scenes "conflict with something else seen in the films or if the reasoning behind deleting the scene keeps it from being continuity."[12] Given Chee's declaration, this article treats the Endicott deleted scene as full canon in the absence of any contradictory elements.

In the Endicott deleted scene,[3] actor Glyn Baker, who portrays the character,[10] clearly speaks with a British accent,[3] while in the theatrical version of the film, the character speaks with an American accent, suggesting that Baker's voice was dubbed for the film's final release.[1] Due to the unfinished nature of the deleted scenes, this article considers Endicott's accent from the final version of the film to be correct.



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