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Endor, also known as Tana among the Ewok species, was the cyan gas giant planet orbited by the forest moon of Endor. The name "Endor" was also sometimes used for the forest moon. The planet itself was less well known than the moon.


At some point, a hoax was perpetrated giving rise to the rumor that the planet had been destroyed in some mysterious cataclysm. This hoax was later refuted by renowned scholar Ebenn Q3 Baobab.

The planet was known as Tana among the Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor.[2]

The Galactic Empire established the Sanctuary Pipeline to reach the moon quickly, importing raw materials for the Death Star II construction. One of the planet's moons was uninhabited until used by the New Republic for the relocation of the Ixlls who were rescued from the destruction of Da Soocha V.

Behind the scenes[]

The planet Endor was never visible in any scenes in Return of the Jedi set on the forest moon's surface. The novelization claims that Endor was destroyed some time earlier, and that the moon now orbits its star in a planetary orbit of its own. This was settled with the release of The Essential Atlas, which dismisses the gas giant's disappearance as an elaborate hoax.

Endor matte

The planet Endor seen from its forest moon

When loading the map of any planet in Star Wars: Battlefront II in Galactic Conquest, and in Star Wars: Battlefront in Instant Action, it shows the planet as seen from space. When loading the forest moon of Endor map, you can see the forest moon with the Death Star orbiting it, as well as the huge silver edge of the planet Endor, with some of the planet itself.

A large celestial body can be seen in the sky from the forest moon during some night scenes in the two Ewok telefilms (Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor). The planet can also be seen in space in Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance.



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