Endor routing

A Star Tours flight route to Endor

"Star Tours is now offering convenient daily departures to the exotic Moon of Endor. Come spend an afternoon or the entire day with the lovable Ewoks, in their charming tribal villages. It’s a fun-filled visit that you and your family will remember forever! Just ask for the Endor Express. Available only from Star Tours. Non-stop flights leave every few minutes, so don’t delay. Visit Endor today"
―An advertisement for the Endor Express[src]

The Endor Express was a travel route offered by the Star Tours travel agency, featuring non-stop flights to the moon of Endor. One of the advertised activities was spending either an afternoon or a full day with Ewoks in their villages. R2-D2 was assigned to one of the StarSpeeder 3000 transports, Flight 45, to go to the moon, causing C-3PO to be slightly envious of the astromech droid, as Endor was one of the few traveling stops that the protocol droid wanted to return to.



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