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"We don't have any more time to waste on the Endor system."
Aayla Secura, to Bly[src]

The Endor system was home to the gas giant Endororbited by nine moons, including the forest moon of Endor—and the barren planets Eloggi, Megiddo and Dor. It was located in the Moddell sector of the Outer Rim Territories at the end of the Sanctuary Pipeline. The Imperial Claw Station was located in the system.


The Death Star II orbiting the forest moon of Endor

The system was rarely traveled because the gas giant exerted complex gravitational forces on hyperlanes, and starcharts contained little helpful information for navigating the sector. Due to its remote location and the abundance of minerals, the Galactic Empire chose to build the second Death Star in the system.[7] In 4 ABY,[8] it became the site of the Battle of Endor.[9]

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The Endor system was depicted as a binary star system in the Ewoks animated series.[10]



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