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A species of antlike creatures lived on the lush Endor, a moon orbiting a planet of the same name. Those bugs had a segmented body to which eight legs were attached. Their heads featured two small eyes, a mouth and a pair of feelers. A social, if non-sentient, species, those critters lived together in large groups and nested in holes in the ground. They were omnivorous creatures, feeding on both meat and wild blumfruits. Despite their small size, these ants could not only lift, but also carry loads up to many times their own weight. Sometimes, a group of Endorian ants would attack an Ewok, a one meter tall bear-like sentient, and then carry them to their holes before eating them.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Endorian ants appeared in Wicket and the Dandelion Warriors: An Ewok Adventure,[1] the children's book adaptation of "To Save Deej," the fourth episode of the Star Wars: Ewoks TV series.[2] In real-life, ants have six segmented legs, like all other insects.[3] The Endorian "ants," however, have eight legs,[1] like real-life arachnids.[3]


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