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Endorian goats were a species of goat found on the Forest Moon of Endor. The native Ewoks were known to have domesticated Endorian goats.

Biology and appearance[]

Goats were a species of non-sentient quadrupeds with cloven hooves. They had a coat of straight hair, the coloration of which varied from white to black. Goats also had two pointed horns that grew upward from the head, and a long beard on the chin. Their tails were short and pointed upwards.[1]

These creatures would normally feed on leaves, twigs, shrubs and other plants, but they sometimes tried to chew non-edible things such as ropes.[1]


The Ewok Warrick family possessed at least two pet Endor goats. Just as Deej was preparing to search for his missing sons on a skin glider, one of his goat chewed through the rope that anchored the glider, causing Deej and his glider to take off before he was prepared. Deej soon took control, and managed to safely guide his glider to his sons.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"In Caravan of Courage we can also see an owl in Logray's hut and some goats looking high on a hill for a lonely Ewok goatherd."
―Tim Veekhoven and Mark Newbold[2]

While canon, these creatures have never been officially named, although the Ewoks Deej and Wicket seem to call their Endor goat something like "Krishkneya".[1] In 2013, Endorian goats were mentioned in Drawing from the Present: Familiar Creatures in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, an article written for the Star Wars Blog by Tim Veekhoven and Mark Newbold.[2]



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