"An energy slingshot. Cute."
Bossk to Ezra Bridger[4]

An energy slingshot was a small wrist-mounted weapon that fired non-lethal energy projectiles. They were legal on most planets throughout the galaxy. Ezra Bridger, a teenage orphan from Lothal, used an energy slingshot.


A wrist-mounted device favored by pranksters and the youth of many species, the energy slingshot was used by pointing the device at a target and pulling back on an energized cup. When released, the cup launched a disorienting shock-burst over a short distance. A non-lethal tool, it was legal to possess on most worlds throughout the galaxy.[5] Unlike stun blaster bolts, the slingshot projectiles were subject to gravitation, and traveled in a parabolic arc.[6]

The slingshots could be modified to send out light only in order to trigger sensors.[7]


Prior to 18 BBY,[8] the Graf family used modified slingshots in a game. Milo Graf later watched a hologram of the game after his parents were captured by the Galactic Empire.[7]

Around 5 BBY,[9] the Lothal orphan Ezra Bridger possessed a slingshot which he used during the time of the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire[10] before he built his own Jedi lightsaber.[6] It was fabricated by a Xexto, and nobody knew how he obtained it.[2] Bridger continued to wear the slingshot on his left wrist until the time between the Siege of Lothal and a mission to Seelos.[11] He would later equip the slingshot to the hilt of his lightsaber.[2]

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The energy slingshot appears in the first season of Star Wars Rebels and its Season 2 premiere Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal. For the rest of the series, Ezra's energy slingshot is replaced with a wrist comm.


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